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Thai food

Thai cuisine and some restaurant recommendations

The term Thai cuisine refers to all the dishes and cooking practices associated with Thailand.  The invasion of Thai cuisine in English speaking countries was felt in the last three decades of the twentieth...
Greek Lentil Soup Recipe

Delicious Greek lentil soup recipe

 I spent last summer in Greece and it was amazing! So, there was this night that my company and I were enjoying our dinner in a Greek 'taverna'. Its daily special was "Lentil soup"....
Cal-Pep restaurant Spain

Which are the best restaurants in Spain

Barcelona is a paradise for those who love good food and high gastronomy. Whether you choose a simple tapas bar, a tavern in the port or a restaurant with Michelin stars, it is certain...

Enter the Ninja – A restaurant in Tokyo you must not miss

For a fun experience of a lifetime and to enjoy a different kind of dinner, the restaurant, Ninja Akasaka in Tokyo is the ideal place to try at least one time! Through this themed...
Sardinia Four Andreini

Appetite ‘four’ Sardinia

The kitchen, as you know, is an important part of the tradition and culture of every Italian region. Sardinia is no exception, and this tradition has become one of its strengths. You can taste...

Where to eat in Paris

Paris has a wide variety of places to eat. The greatest institutions of gastronomy that the city owns are the bistros and the brasseries. The bistro atmosphere is reminiscent by artists and poets, the...

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