Three economical hotels in Milan

Hotel Five, Hotel Teco Hotel and Susa. Three hotels that you can consider for a stay in Milan. Three excellent three-star establishments, where you do not need to be a millionaire in order to...

Staying in a hotel with ghosts | Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville (Louisiana)

This is the right proposal, reserved for thrill-seekers: the Myrtles Plantation, a structure which is based on St.Francisville, Louisiana. There are many theories as to why this building is so abundantly endowed with the supernatural:...
Terme di Vals

Spa Vacations | Hotel Therme Vals

A lovely spot, nestled in the Swiss mountains, the hotel of the Therme Vals is an architectural gem as well as an incredible Spa, which is luxurious and absolutely achievable regarding the price. The...

5 of the Luxury Cotswold Cottages that Feel Like Home

Rental prices in Cotswold won’t bother you if you want to experience a luxurious stay.
Boutique Hotel UK

Experiencing Cool and Boutique UK Hotels in Winter

The hotels we’ve chosen here will make you want to book a UK staycation right now. Let’s find out the most unique and cool hotels in the UK!
Hotel Droog

Hotel Droog: a hotel with only one room in Amsterdam

It is hard to define as a Hotel a structure that has only one room. It is true and it is called Hotel Droog, so for us it is a hotel (a bit original)....

A romantic retreat on the coast of Italy | Don Ferrante

Travel back in time to the special atmosphere of Capri and St Tropez, as it was in the 1950s, choosing your next getaway on the coast of Monopoli, Italy. Within an authentic and welcoming...

The most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world

To render a hotel luxurious, especially prestigious and exclusive not only contributes a very high price but also contributes an undisputed quality of services, care of the environment, of the furniture, the use of...

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