Chalet des Iles | A fantastic lakeside restaurant in Paris

Imagine you are on holiday in Paris and wanting a break after visiting the cultural and travel underground. Perhaps you could be taking a rowing boat, walking in the woods and having lunch on the terrace of a lodge overlooking the lake. All this is possible if you can find the Chalet des Iles, a restaurant located in an extraordinary setting.

Chalet des Iles

Overlooking the bottom  of the lake of the Bois de Boulogne, then that is the largest lake in the park, this chalet is a destination for enthusiasts of Paris, for those who know how to enjoy a few hours to go to the west of the Eiffel Tower – maybe not walk because the path is quite long – and enjoy a relaxing and very rewarding day while admiring a landscape that could make us forget all the conventional view of Paris.

Chalet des Iles close to the lake Chalet des Iles garden

The wooden structure of the Chalet des Iles has its own particular history: Napoleon III made ​​his dismount in Switzerland and brought on the island in the Bois de Boulogne, in tribute to his wife. Here was located the literary cafe frequented by Proust and Zola. If you want to reach the Chalet bike, you should know that there is a station right outside the entrance of the Vélib ‘, the public service bike rental.

Chalet des Iles outdoor

To find the chalet follow these steps: Le Chalet des Iles du Lac inférieur Bois de Boulogne, Porte de la Muette, Paris. But do not go before the middle of April 2013, since they’re renovating it (and then it would be too early to be outdoors). And if you are planning your next trip to Paris, remember that the Bois de Boulogne is also one of the largest camps in the city.

Chalet des Iles tables

By Ina K

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