Essential Packing List For Your Glamping Holiday

Who says camping can’t be glamorous? Over the last five years, a new travel trend has swept the UK: glamping.

From safari-style luxury tents to private lodges in some of the UK’s most impressive locations, glamping is less about the rough-and-tumble environment of camping and much more about enjoying the UK’s top camping destinations in comfort.

Glamping combines the beauty of nature with the joy of a bon vivant lifestyle.
Glamping combines the beauty of nature with the joy of a bon vivant lifestyle.

Thinking of going on your own glamping trip? Read on to discover the four essential items you must bring with you, courtesy of luxury camping experts Pure Leisure.

Good hiking boots

No matter how comfortable your luxurious lodge is, you’ll need some rugged shoes if you plan on enjoying the countryside up close. Pack a pair of comfortable hiking boots so that your feet are comfortable and protected when you go exploring.

Try to choose boots, rather than sports shoes. While sports shoes are lighter and often easier to walk in, they lack adequate ankle support. Step on a slippery tree branch or hidden rock and you could end up hurting your ankle.

A spacious tent

If you’re bringing your own tent, it had better be a good one. Instead of picking up a utilitarian tent designed for rugged experiences and survival, opt for one with ample space and plenty of creature comforts.

Must-have features include a double skin for moisture-free comfort, a tall ceiling so you’re never forced to crouch or bend over in order to walk inside, and some self-inflating mattresses (best purchased separately) for the ultimate night’s sleep.

Luxurious bedding

Glamping isn’t about sleeping bags and sweaty pyjamas – far from it. Pack your own bedding and enjoy the comfort of high thread count sheets and a wonderful duvet in the wilderness.

Going glamping in winter? Don’t forget a thick bedspread for comfort and warmth, a couple of comfortable pillows and, if required, your favourite hot water bottle. Sleep should be the ultimate luxury, even on your family glamping trip.

Tasty meals, snacks and treats

You can’t dine on instant noodles and sandwiches during a glamping trip. Pack your cooler with delicious fillet steak, tasty sausages and organic vegetables for the ideal glamping meal.

Better yet, add a bottle of your favourite full-bodied red wine or, for the ultimate in camping decadence, a vintage champagne. Glamping is about having fun and living life as it’s meant to be lived – a mentality that should always extend to your cuisine.

Searching for the perfect glamping destination?

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Gareth O’Rourke is the e-marketing manager and a regular blogger for Pure Leisure Group.

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