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We all love to eat. Who doesn’t ? They said that the best way to taste good food is to travel. Although shopping can be done through the internet, food remains to be something that you need to experience in the actual place. Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to acquire ingredients from its source. Meats and other food products would need special permit to enter a certain country. The solution is the “gourmet traveling”. Those who love the art would head to museums while shoppers will head to the mall. A true foodie will head to the local market and gourmet stores. Remember if you are planning to travel, be sure to research first on the places where you can get to taste local delicacies.  As part of your trip, you can purchase ingredients that are hard to find at home.  Here are the top destinations for Gourmet Travelers.


Get the taste of real Mediterranean food by visiting Italy. From risotto, penne, pizza, prosciutto, you can never go wrong in this place if you want to taste good food. This country also offers the best wines that can complement your meals.

Spaghett iwith Neapolitan Ragu Sauce - italy
Spaghett iwith Neapolitan Ragu Sauce – italy


Thai cuisine is a mixture of the all the country’s regions. Mainly Thai meals have fresh ingredients from herbs to spices. Many of the native dishes are best accompanied with rice. Overall you will taste sweet, sour, salty and spicy.



Discover the secrets of Spain in their cuisine. Most of their dishes heavily rely on sea foods. This is mainly due to the geographical location of the country. If you don’t like fish and other sea food ingredients, you can also find meat dishes. The history of the country can be seen on its history. Its navigation and crusades over the past centuries can be seen on the rich flavors of their local recipes.

Paella Mixta
Paella Mixta


The Japanese cuisine is not about raw ingredients. They have several specialties that are made from the most expensive ingredients like blue fin tuna and wagyu.  If you are an adventurous eater, then Japan can offer the experience that you will never forget. During winter, you want to enjoy their traditional way of cooking called nabe.

Japanese seafood
Japanese seafood


France is a country that is synonymous with master chefs and exceptional culinary dishes. Over the years, French people continue to reinvent food influences. Just like Italy, they also offer the best wines.

French Quiche Lorraine
French Quiche Lorraine


China is a country that can offer new experience to everyone. The cultural differences found in this destination gave birth to various style of food.

Spicy Food Guru-China
Spicy Food Guru-China


The Caribbean destination is also a good spot for gourmet travel. Talk about delicious and spicy dishes. The food in this region is influenced by hunters, sailors and merchants.

Caribbean Lunch
Caribbean Lunch

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