Should you book a holiday independently or through a holiday specialist?

Finding a good deal on airfare online is a breeze, so why does anyone use a holiday specialist anymore? For travellers in search of awesome cheap holidays, relying on a professional to book a trip can either be a tremendous help or a waste of time. It all depends on the kind of holiday they want to take. To find out if you should book your holiday independently or through a holiday specialist, keep reading.


Using an agent: Is it worth it?

Stress-free booking. By far, the most attractive advantage of using a travel agent is taking the stress out of planning a holiday. This becomes especially true if you want to take a trip with multiple legs, or if you want to plan a holiday packed with activities that require extra bookings and arrangements.

Special discounts. Not only do holiday specialists know the travel industry better than anyone else, but they also have more access to travel companies than anyone. From airfare to hotel stays to train tickets to admission for special attractions, your holiday specialist probably has access to discounts that aren’t publicised. If you tally up enough savings on travel, it could make the agent’s fee well worth it.

Travel advice and warnings. Logistically, it can be a challenge for you to find out every safety issue concerning your travel destination, but an agent would be able to tell you on the spot. In addition, you may get advice on other, smaller issues that you wouldn’t ever think to ask about.

Going it alone: The pros and cons.

You can book your trip cheaper. If you’re going on a short holiday or won’t need lots of reservations, it may be more convenient — and less expensive — to book your trip yourself. You can forego the fee that you would have to pay to a holiday specialist and make your travel arrangements online, which is often easier than having to negotiate with an agent.

You know exactly what you want. Holiday specialists are good at their jobs, but that means that you may run into an occasionally “pushy” agent who tries to persuade you to get add-ons that you don’t want. If you know exactly what kind of trip you want and how to plan it, going it alone can save you the hassle of having to turn down deals that your holiday specialist would make commission on.

The anticipation is part of the fun. Of course, when it comes to travelling, there’s a certain sort of anticipation that adds to the excitement for many people. If you don’t want to miss out on the feeling of taking charge of your journey, relish the time that you have to plan it yourself.

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