Smoking on a train and on a plane? With Electronic cigarettes it is possible

The trip, especially if it is prolonged is definitely a tiring experience for all and it becomes even more for smokers who have been smoking for long periods of time. The law against smoking in public places and on public transport is a key constraint to establish a culture based on respect for others, but it can cause discomfort and nervousness in many travellers accustomed to cigarettes. For smokers, long journeys by plane, train or bus can be particularly stressful. For those who travel abroad, in many countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada, it is forbidden to smoke in your own car.

Smoking while traveling
Smoking while traveling

Electronic Cigarettes, or better yet, those portable vaporizers are an ideal solution for those who travel. The secrets of Electronic Cigarettes, which can visually be identical to a traditional cigarette, is all concealed inside. The electronic cigarette, in fact, conceals a device which generates vapor from a solution of propylene glycol and liquid with natural flavors.
The people, who “smoke” an electronic cigarette, draw the aromatic vapor that provides a feeling very similar to that experienced smoking a traditional cigarette.

“Smoking” an electronic cigarette does not produce unpleasant odors and it does not damage the health and does not disturb fellow travelers: an illustrious example is the star Johny Depp, who in his latest film “The Tourist” smokes an electronic cigarette during a train journey.

Note: As electronic devices, the electronic cigarettes are subject to specific policies of the airlines regarding how and when to use them. The instructions should be read prior of their use.

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