Strangest hotel in France | Capsized boat in Brittany

Today we go back to Britain and we stop at Kastell Dinn of Crozon, Brittany resort just south of Brest. Pierre and Patricia Carn Menesguen have put together a series of nice ways to spend the night in the original houses scattered in your garden.

boat hotel boat interior-boat hotel living room-boat hotel strange hotel in france

You can choose the Quille en air, a former tool shed with stone walls which is a roof made with an upturned boat (keel in the air of course), a double bed, a private bathroom and an outdoor lounge. The Caloge, old crops on which were mounted wooden walls and a thatched roof: it is the right spot for sea dogs love. For those who do not want to sleep on the boat there are the Caravans, a gypsy wagon with double bed and bathroom, and three bedrooms in the house masonry, including a family suite consisting of a room on the ground floor and the other in the attic. Prices: 55 € for a double room in the house, 90 € for Caloge, 65 for Quille and for the Caravan.

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