The 10 best cities to live in if you were a dog

Where would you live if you were a dog? And if we were to ask the dog, what city would you choose to settle down and be happy? That’s the question that motivates starting this article, an issue that bloggers specialized in urban dogs have helped to solve. Thanks to their contribution, we bring you here the top ten of dog-friendly cities of the world:

1. Berlin.

2. Hamburg.

3. Frankfurt.

Luggage done!
Luggage done!

Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt are an example of three German cities where being a dog is being lucky.

Germany has earned a deserved reputation as one of the most doggish European countries. “In this country, the dog is one more, and it has no trouble accessing places usually banned in other countries, like public transportation sites,” they say from Gudog, a huge dog-platform that helps dog owners contact with animal keepers, and also works as a platform to adopt dogs who need a family.

4. Brussels

Yes with my dog.

Trust the driver
Trust the driver

Belgium is another European country that has been a pioneer at this of defending the rights of urban dogs. The canine access to public transport shows it clearly: while the 98% of the rest of European cities only allow the access of guide dogs or small size ones, Belgium doesn’t put any restrictions to the furry community.

“If I were a dog… I think I would move to Brussels,” fantasizes a dog owner. Now it’s Dude, her doggie, who speaks: “Surely, and also my human companion would eat really nice, bad thing is that both of us would be completely soaking, it rains too much!”.

5. Paris

A city with very doggy restaurants

What will it be, Sir?
What will it be, Sir?

France has 7.5 million dog inhabitants. These furry residents are not only numerous, but also enjoy the canine benefits of the French capital. Paris has earned through the years a reputation of dog-friendly city too!

The dog-friendly Parisian parks and restaurants, or the fact of enjoying a shopping evening in the company of our four-legged friend put Paris among the most doggish cities in many rankings.

6. Milan

Italy with Dog

Italy is another country that embraces the dog-friendly movement, which advocates for more doggish cities. “If I were a dog, I’d consider to move to northern Italy and live, for example, in Milan, a city where dogs are pretty happy,” says a man while walking his German Shepherd.

7. Amsterdam

Dog: woof!

Trains, trams and buses accept dogs as perfectly fine passengers in Amsterdam. This canine tolerance, altogether with the fact that it’s truly easy to enjoy a meal or a coffee in the company of our furry friend, makes the Dutch capital a popular and attractive city. Amsterdam also has numerous parks for dog walks, although you’ll need to keep your pet under control with a strong leash and reliable harness, such as those recommended by The Dog Clinic.

8. Colorado

9. Portland

10. San Francisco

Meeting point at the Park
Meeting point at the Park

The furry citizens claim their rights in the United States with fairness. The numbers are overwhelming.: there’s a dog or a cat for every two Americans, according to Forbes magazine.

This publication has produced an interesting list of the most dog-friendly cities in USA. Among the parameters that have been considered there are the meters of green areas for dogs, the expense on veterinarians of the animal owners and the number of shops specialized in the four-legged residents.

The list is headed by Colorado, home of 61,000 dogs, and Portland, with more than 30 green areas dedicated to their doggy citizens. “Although, if I were a dog in the United States, I’d choose to live in San Francisco, a real dog paradise,” says a well known animal keeper. This canine paradise is enjoyed daily by about 120,000 dogs in San Francisco, a furry city with five beaches that allow dogs and 56 recreational parks just for dogs.

Photos: Doxieone, Francois de Halleux, John d’Addario and D G C

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