The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are a group of islands in Northwestern Greece that have been active for centuries. They are famous for their white cliffs, crystal clear waters, winds, and highly organized beaches with all the modern facilities you can imagine. If you ever find yourself in any of these islands, here are the best beaches you should look out for.

Navagio Beach

Located on the island of Zakynthos, this beach is about the most popular of all the beaches in the Ionian Islands. It’s like paradise on earth with the endless blue waters, white cliffs, and of course, the lovely shipwreck. When coming, make sure you have your camera with you to take pictures for the sake of memories. You can quickly get here by boat from the Anafotiria village. Don’t miss joining the beach tours going to the cliff top for the best view of your life; it’s worth the time and effort.

Myrtos Beach

This Kefalonia beach is not just remarkable but peaceful and organized as well. What brings tourists here is the luminescent emerald waters, white pebbles, and the fantastic panoramas you’ll experience when you climb up the top of the cliffs. When you’re hungry, you can order for a meal from one of the taverns or café that can be found on the beach. While the main beach has umbrellas and sunbeds, there are small parts that are not organized but may be suitable for people who want isolation.

Voutoumi Beach

It’s one of the best-kept secrets of the Ionian islands that many people may not know about. Voutoumi Beach can be found on the island of Antipaxi, which is about 3 kilometers from Paxos. Blonde rocks, deep-green woodland, and cyan-hued water are a few of the features that make this island a beautiful place to be. When you’re not by the beach, you can explore the indigo bays and vineyards of the village of Antipaxi. One of the best places to eat on the beach is Bella Vista, serving local fare and fresh fish dishes.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki, which is located on the island of Lefkada, is not just one of the best beaches on Ionian island but the entire world. What makes this place the perfect holiday destination is the waters and white cliff filled with low vegetation and producing and magical view no one can ever get tired of seeing. At first view, you’re going to see a delicate mix of beach, sky, and ocean, the way you’ve never seen it before. Porto Katsiki is only 35 km from Lefkada town so you can get here by staying in the town of Nidri and renting a car or bike.

Agios Gordios Beach

Famous for its natural landscape where vineyards and olive trees surround the beach. During the late mornings or afternoon, you can join others in swimming or taking part in different types of water sports. Also, there is a big rock emerging from the sea called “Ortholithi” which has become a trademark of the beach, so don’t miss seeing it. You can get to Agios Gordios in Corfu by car, driving through a road with olive trees and vineyards on both sides.

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