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Sounds like a familiar scene? You decide to leave and go to the mountains, the beach or visit a city and you get a headache every year. Not only must you prepare for the trip, but you also have to find some place to leave your dog, cat or animal while you’re away. Not to mention leaving your pet to unscrupulous people who do not know what to do with it. The rest of the articles is about how to avoid said headache in few simple tips.

Travel Pets
Travel Pets

The solutions are varied, but can be summarized in two: a family member, acquaintance, friend or neighbor can keep it for you. It is not always easy. Or you can take it to the residence of a caregiver who can take good care of it while you’re gone. Of course this costs, and it’s not cheap. Do you have any other options? Yes, you have a third option which is not usually covered. Usually due to ignorance…. What is it? Take your pet with you!

If you’re of the mindset that no place will accept your dear friend, you are wrong! Fortunately, there are many places where you can go with your pet and will be welcomed. The internet is a good place to search for these destinations. Just have to get some bids and see which fit your tastes and needs. But we are going to lend a hand in finding suitable locations. For starters, if you use Facebook I recommend the following page where new places are constantly being reported where you can spend your holidays or travel with your pet. Furthermore it is a social network; someone will be willing to help with information if necessary. But besides facebook there are also a lot of official websites for such programs you can easily find on the web with great deals that may be of interest.

Want to see some examples? A good example is that of accommodation in Asturias, or in Valencia to name just two examples. But that’s not all. You can find plenty of places that will warmly receive your inseparable companion. Begin to seek and you will be surprised!
By Elsi H

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