Traveling with your dog, Jack

Whether it’s a daily itinerary, a trip out of town or the path to your favourite holiday destination, in order to make a car trip safe and stress-free in the company of your four-legged friend, just take some valuable measures dictated by law and common sense.

Traveling with dogs
Traveling with dogs

What the law says

Article 169 of the Highway Code – Legislative Decree no. 285/1992 – is very precise: “It is forbidden to transport a pet in conditions that constitute an impediment or danger to driving.” In other words, a single dog can travel pretty much where it wants, as long as it will not prevent the driver.

If you are carrying more animals require the use of special cages or network divisions between the rear compartment and the driver’s seat. Whoever transgresses will be punished by a fine of up to $400 and is likely the deduction of one point on their driving license.

Useful Tips

Implementing the obligation of the law and other general principles here is how to make it comfortable most of your trip with Jack:

– First, the familiarity of the dog with the passenger spaces is fundamental: let them gradually discover the interior of the car, initially leaving the doors open, then a second step with the doors closed and the engine running, and finally try with a short trip. Don’t forget to get the right dog cage along with the right waterproof car seat covers; travall offers a wide variety that are of high quality in the right price tag.

– 6-8 hours before the flight is preferable to leave them on an empty stomach

– Avoid accelerating or braking suddenly when there is not necessary.

– Leave a glimmer of the open window to circulate the air, but do not try to make the dog look out the window, as it could cause him otitis.

– Maintain a more constant temperature inside the car space.

– If the journey is long, take a break every two hours to make it stretch and relax a bit in peace.

– The dog senses the vibrations mood of his master then always keep a calm attitude while driving.

– Choose a soothing soundtrack that will keep the pets relaxed away from the pet barriers.

Sickness: how to deal with it

A drawback for the dog could be the “sickness”, caused by the movement on the labyrinth of the inner ear. But do not worry! It is a matter of habit and just goes step by step: first with short trips and straights, and gradually making more long paths with curves. Other four-legged friends instead associate the drive to an unpleasant experience, such as going to the vet in this case it is necessary to vary the destinations of your wanderings: take him to the park to run around, give him an award and let them know new environments.

By applying this set of rules and good habits, you will guarantee your family a trip in safety and comfort: your 4-legged friend will be deeply grateful!

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