If you are planning to visit Bolivia in a small budget, there is no need to worry about food. The typical Bolivian dishes are described to be cheap, filing and delicious. Although this is case, the choices are not diverse as its landscape. It is not clearly a result of lowlands and of the Andes Mountain. Mostly their standard food is derived from staple potatoes, rice and corn meals. It is definitely worth to try them and it is definitely best way to know more about its history and daily lifestyle. Bolivia is considered as a poor country but their locals don’t starve except if there is severe drought. Even if the country relies mostly on agriculture, Bolivians are sticking to monotonous diets; in particular young ones are undernourished. In some regions especially on the countryside, vegetables are unheard. There are about 200 varieties of potatoes in Bolivia however the majority is not cultivated.The most common are yellow sweet potatoes and freeze dried ones. Aside from potatoes, corns are also produced in the country. Chicha is a cheap and traditional alcohol drink that is so popular.

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