Would you go on holiday alone?

Unless you’ve pre-planned a trip with a group, partner or your family, when you start planning your next holiday you’ll probably begin by making mental lists of your different holiday companion options – but what about biting the bullet and heading off alone?



One of the main benefits of going on holiday by yourself is the almost unlimited amount of flexibility that it offers. No longer are you tied to someone else’s whims, itinerary or stamina. Travelling alone gives you the chance to do exactly what you want, when you want to do it – whether that’s sleeping in until the afternoon, spending an hour sipping a coffee or visiting every single shop your chosen destination has to offer.


One downside of travelling alone is the cost. Most holidays will be priced based on two sharing, so you may end up forking out a little extra for a single room. Some hotels will offer discounts for single occupancy though so it’s worth looking out for this. You should also remember you won’t be spending money taking part in activities your companion wants to try, so that could work out cheaper in the long run.


One of the main concerns for people thinking of travelling alone – especially women – is safety. If you’re heading to a destination that is fairly low on crime, then simply taking the normal precautions should be enough to keep you out of trouble.

However, if you want to head to a more adventurous destination then think about travelling with an organised tour to put your mind at ease.  Wherever you travel, taking out adequate travel insurance like Allianz Global Assistance will ensure that you’re covered no matter what happens but you need to research the dangers specific to your destination so that you can take appropriate precautions.


If you’re worried that travelling alone with lower the ‘fun factor’ of your holiday, think again! Many people find that travelling alone makes it a lot easier to make friends and have new experiences, something they may miss out on when travelling with old friends, partners or family members.

This is especially true if you travel with an organised group and can really make for the trip of a lifetime.


There’s no doubt that wherever you head to, travelling alone will give you a great sense of adventure and fulfilment.

Every obstacle that you overcome will give you a little more confidence and even if you spend the odd evening dining alone, travelling by yourself is bound to open your eyes, broaden your horizons and give you enormous self-satisfaction.

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