Yellowstone vs Yosemite | Which one to choose?

Boasting some of the world’s most incredible and breath-taking scenery, both USA’s biggest national parks have a reputation for being incredible. But, if you only have chance to visit one, which one should you choose? Here’s the pros and cons of both to help you make a decision between the two giants.


Founded in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was declared the first national park in the world and as a result has a reputation for being superior to the rest. Arguably, if you’re wanting to choose a park for its geothermal features or its wildlife spotting opportunities, this is the park to choose. Featuring hot springs, incredible mud pots and a famous geyser named Old Faithful, there’s an abundance of natural attractions to enjoy and the biggest range of outdoor activities. It houses the largest population of wild bison in the world, who make a treacherous journey down the rocky mountain sides to feed, making incredible and nail biting viewing for tourists. There’s also opportunity to spot buffalos and bald eagles swooping through the sky.


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Despite all these amazing reasons to choose Yellowstone, it does have some cons. The park can get extremely busy, especially in the summer months when over 3million visitors can flock there. It’s triple the size of Yosemite, measuring 3,400 square miles which can be challenging if you’re short on time and want to see it all.


Yosemite is the park to choose if you want a chance of seeing brown bears and deer roaming free in their natural habitat and much smaller than Yellowstone, making it easier to get around. With tons of hiking, cycling and walking opportunities Yosemite’s landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and much more aesthetically pleasing than Yellowstone which is favoured for its geological wonders. Yosemite is home to incredible waterfalls and a great place to visit all year around regardless of the season as its location close to San Francisco ensures it doesn’t get as cold as Yellowstone in the cooler months.


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The cons of choosing Yosemite are that it doesn’t have as many geographical features as Yellowstone and comes without the huge array of accommodation opportunities that Yellowstone offers, but it is a much better option all year around thanks to the warmer temperatures.


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Both parks have huge advantages and it’s recommended that you visit them both should you get the opportunity. With Trek America you can plan a holiday including a visit to these incredible hotspots.

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