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US city bucket list

The USA is chock full of fantastic destinations, but there are some cities more than others that dominate our popular culture. Few places, for example, have inspired more films, songs and stories than New York City. Others, such as Chicago and Las Vegas are so charismatic that they take centre stage as viable characters. Can […]

Have fun in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and bright cities and, above all, the most exciting ever to visit if you head in the United States of America. This city’s greatest characteristic is the large number of casinos meant for entertainment and even for hit-and-run weddings. There are numerous attractions that attract visitors to […]

Cathedrals and churches not to miss in Toulouse

If you’re planning a holiday to the bustling city of Toulouse, you need to make sure you include some of its stunning cathedrals and churches in your itinerary. Whether you’re religious or not, they’re fascinating places to visit thanks to their combination of amazing architecture, history and art. Today, I’m going to give you a […]

Weekend break in a European capital in autumn

Spending a weekend in a European capital in autumn is a great escape! You can take advantage of discounts and promotional offers in last minute or cheap round trip flights to visit your dream city in relaxation and tranquility. All you have to do is choose the right destination. Prague, Vienna, Berlin, London and Budapest […]

What to see on your first visit to Barcelona | Spain

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and one of the largest and most beautiful cities in all of Spain. Rich of monuments of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi like the majestic Sagrada Familia which has not yet been completed, numerous museums of the great Spanish artists such as Miro and Dali and the beautiful Gothic […]

Spend your September holidays on the Greek islands

Spend your September holidays on the Greek islands

Have you ever thought of spending September in the Greek Islands? It can be a fantastic experience, as September is the month between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn and its warm and pleasant days allow you to live  relaxing days in the sea and evenings full of night life. The Greek islands, […]

10 reasons why you should visit New York

New York city is one of the most sought after destinations around the world. Is this by chance? Definitely not. Here are 10 reasons to go on holiday there. 10. What’s better than a huge green park? That’s why you have to visit Central Park, lie down on the grass between people who play american […]

What to see in Prague | The city of a hundred towers

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the cities that make up the famous traveler triangle: Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Also known as the city of a hundred towers, it has many things to see so let’s see what’s not to miss. Prague Castle It has the reputation of being the […]

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