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Music festivals: a hippie camping or a comfy hotel, you decide

This Summer 2014, your beloved Trip and Travel team went on a very special mission: get infiltrated into a music festival to tell our even more beloved readers how to enjoy it more: camping or hostel! Festival chosen: BBK Live in Spain! Date: always Summer! First, we tried to sleep in a hostel. We’re young, […]

Where to see llamas in Peru

To travel to Peru and not see the famous llamas is like making a fruit salad without apple, something incomplete by any reckoning! So before getting on the airplane to fly to Lima you must be aware that ,sooner or later, you’ll meet any of these South American camelids. But when we say be aware, […]

Come to visit our beloved Lonesome George

From the 19th of September, Lonesome George is more accompanied than ever. Remember the story of this old buddy, right? Our George was the last giant tortoise, species that became extinct owing directly to human actions. He died two years ago, in 2012, as lonely as his name says; they tried to find a female mate for him but, although […]

Discover the spirit of Rome

Rome is a city brimming with culture, architecture, fine food and over 3,000 years of history. Regardless of whether you’re travelling with friends, family or your partner, it’s a popular tourist hotspot for all so why not discover the spirit of this vibrant city today? Tips for visiting Rome with the kids Depending on what […]

Do not tell anyone where these incredible ski mountains are

Many of us already want some snow, cause Winter is nearly here! We’re tempted to get lost in a white snow paradise and disconnect from the humdrum world. There are many ski mountains inall Europe, but which one shouldn’t you miss? Let us recommend you some… 1. Grandvalira, Andorra Considered one of the best resorts […]

The most peculiar traditions in the world

Somewhere over the world one can see how different humans are despite belonging to the same race. Before travelling to other country different than your sweet home one you should know what things you should or shouldn’t do so you’re more elegant than the average tourist with the camera and the white socks! For example, in […]

Planning your Travels | Portable Generators

Heading off travelling, be it in a tent, campervan or something a little more (or less) luxurious, is a very exciting concept, and is growing to become a sort of rite of passage for people all across the globe. Whether you’re planning a staycation, travelling across Europe or exploring somewhere a little further afield, there […]

The beautiful city of Caen in Normandy

Normandy is a region of France located in the extreme north and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. In this land you can visit places that are truly beautiful and unique, while culture and architecture that will amaze you. Let’s see how to visit this region and especially the city of Caen. Caen, capital of the Department […]

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Join the Easter egg hunt in the Botanical Gardens | Italy

On Monday April 6, the famous Italian Pasquetta, will be organized for the eighteenth time the fun ‘Botanical Treasure Hunt’, an event held by the Grandi Giardini Italiani organization -an association that gathers the most beautiful and visited gardens of Italy- that has transformed this action into a fixed appointment for many families during the festivities that are held in Italy on […]

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