Dresden And Its Architectural Heritage

The architectural heritage of the German city of Dresden is famous worldwide and its main monument is the famous Zwinger Palace, a building which even today is considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Other important...
Elephant Rock

The Amazing Elephant Rock Of Iceland

Surely many of you have seen the silhouette of an animal in the clouds. However, this is not possible exclusively for the skies! It is possible to find cases like this on earth too. More...
LA Skyline

Tips For Your First Trip to Los Angeles

Planning to visit Los Angeles, California, but you don't know how to prepare for the trip? Here's some useful tips and information about the city in order to get the best of it. When planning...
The Wave, Arizona

The Wave of Arizona | A Great Wave That Captivates All

Near the border with Utah (United States), in the middle of the Arizona desert, is located a rare natural wonder known as The Wave, which annually attracts many hikers, photographers and adventurers for its...
McWay Falls

The Gorgeous McWay Falls of Big Sur In California

One of the most gorgeous and unspoiled parts on earth are the McWay Falls in Big Sur, California. The beautiful waterfall is so small yet so charming. Its waters fall in the Pacific Ocean creating...
Dark Hedges

The Fairytale Like Dark Hedges Of Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges is an extremely beautiful and most popular part in Northern Ireland for photographers. There is definitely something magical about it. It is an avenue which has big beech trees lined up on...
Spotted Lake

The Beautiful Spotted Lake Of Canada

Spotted Lake is one of the most unique natural attractions in Canada. It is located in British Columbia, about 100 km east of Vancouver, near the border with the United States. This is a lacustrine...
Villa Borghese Park

Villa Borghese | The Green Lung Of Rome

Villa Borghese is presented as the green lung of Rome, and is considered the second largest public park in Rome (80 hectares) behind Villa Pamphili. For the Romans, Villa Borghese is the most famous and...

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