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A quick guide to Madrid

The city of Madrid is located in the center of Spain. Known for its many cultural landmarks and its boisterous nightlife, the city is the ideal destination for a quick city break. What to do? Explore the Prado and Reina Sofia Museums, walk along the leafy boulevards of the Retiro Park before renting a rowing […]

Walking through the archaeological Mexico

Mexico is a land of valuable and beautiful Mayan archaeological sites, among which are the states of Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo. Here’s a proposed route through Mexico’s iconic vestiges. 1. Palenque (Chiapas) We start the route in Palenque, one of the most important archaeological sites of the State of Chiapas not only for […]

Reasons to visit Latin America

Many dream of a trip to Latin America, but few manage to do it! For the lucky ones who belong to the category of we will soon be there, but also for those who travel through images and descriptions, see below the most beautiful natural attractions of this magical corner of the planet. The Amazon […]

Inspiring theaters around the world

The theater is the sector of art which refers to the performance of stories to the audience, using mainly speech, music and dancing. It can have various forms, such as the monologue, opera, ballet, pantomime and many more. The theater was first created in ancient Athens, as an evolution of the dithyramb, and the first […]

An essential guide to car hire, the dos and don’t

Hiring a car has become a minefield in recent years. The emergence of price comparison sites has made the market more competitive than ever. It is important to compare prices before you book, but don’t be fooled by headline prices. It is important that you check exactly what the rental includes as there are often […]

The best beaches of Santo Domingo | Dominican Republic

When you think of holidays in a seaside resort, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the sun, the beach and a sea of really surreal colors. If you then want to add to these simple elements those of white sands, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters then you are definitely thinking of […]

The most impressive palaces in the world

Palaces were for decades or centuries the abode of kings, emperors and Maharajas before the opening of the glittering doors to the commoners. They were symbols of power, incredible opulence or vanity, the most impressive palaces are now famous attractions for millions of visitors. Discover them below! National Palace of Pena, Portugal The oldest palace […]

Hotels on the edge of a cliff

The hotels below, are definitely not suitable for people who suffer from a fear of heights, but will reward you with breathtaking views while hanging on the edge of a cliff, in glaciers or in trees. Hotel Caesar Augustus, Italy It has the most spectacular views in the entire island. Hanging on a hill, 300 […]

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