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Tigre Hotel | The Best Art Museum In Buenos Aires

One of the tourist destinations in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, is the Tigre. The province of Buenos Aires is divided into zones and one of them is Tiger. It’s a destination that for some time now has been experiencing rapid growth since they have developed many gated communities exploiting the coastal zone of the Rio […]

Weh Island And Its Incredible Ecosystem In Sumatra

Earth is beautiful above and below the water. Luckily, diving technology has improved dramatically in recent decades and today we can dive and snorkel without missing any part of the beautiful submarine world! There are many great dive sites and many of them are in Asia. Sumatra, for example, has several. West Sumatra is part […]

Badaling Is The Most Popular Part Of The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most beautiful buildings you need to see at least one in your life. It is huge, extensive and has many sections. Some of them are well maintained, others not so much. For some parts you can walk among hundreds of tourists in other parts of the […]

Visit the Museum of Vodka In Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg is for many the most beautiful city in Russia. Perhaps Moscow has its charms, and certainly great links with history, but the city of Tsar Peter is much more elegant and beautiful. For some it is known as the Venice of the North. Among the palaces, canals and many bridges in St. Petersburg […]

La Brigue Is An Unforgettable Small Alpine Village

The mountain village of La Brigue is 700 meters above sea level in the zone of Alpes-Maritimes in the southeast of France. La Brigue is just a few kilometers from the French Italian border and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the French Riviera and the coastal towns of Nice, Menton and Ventimiglia (Italy). La Brigue […]

What To See And Do In Guadalest In Spain

Although it has only 240 inhabitants, El Castell de Guadalest (commonly known as ‘Guadalest’) is the most visited town in Spain come do tourism in Costa Blanca. Obviously, there are several reasons for this record: its spectacular topography makes it unique. It is a town of only 16.12 square kilometres, located in a valley at 595 meters, surrounded by […]

The Incredible Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse Swallowed By The Dunes

Seeing a lighthouse surrounded by sand is quite unusual and seems strange. Usually they are surrounded by sea on a rocky promontory, on a remote island, left to inclement weather. However, this is not the case with the Rubjerg Knude lighthouse because its conditions have not been easy. Rubjerg Knude is a lighthouse in Denmark located on […]

The Best Destinations For A Short Vacation In September

Cities like Berlin, Tokyo or Madrid are the counterpart of destinations like Ibiza or Azores, as they are the stars of trips and getaways for those who prefer not to have summer vacations. An increasing number of people prefer to have their holiday or organize a trip in September. Finding good deals, escaping from mass tourism, […]

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