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Thailand | Idyllic Phang Nga Bay

This part of the planet located in Thailand is considered as one of the most beautiful retreats in the world. A deserved reputation thanks to its calcareous ridges -cut by erosion-, its natural caves, the fissures that give a striking appearance to the area, an abundant tropical vegetation -besides the mangrove swamps- and the blue waters of the bay. […]

Three castles open to the public in Denmark

Land of stories and great characters, Denmark is a friendly destination for foreign tourists. People are pretty open-minded, almost everybody speaks English, they are very proud of their way of life and invite you to share it. It is also a country with a rich cultural heritage and monuments worth knowing. You have to go a little […]

The top 3 Mexican beaches

If you are planning a trip to Mexico just to relax in its beautiful beaches and cannot choose which one has the best landscape… keep calm, cause we have selected a top three to make the hard work for you! Playa Del Carmen Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist destination for both domestic and […]

Tristan da Cunha | The remotest island in the middle of the Atlantic

The Tristan da Cunha archipelago is literally off the beaten path, lost in the Atlantic Ocean and halfway between Africa and South America. Its main island, Tristan da Cunha, holds the title of being the most remote inhabited island in the world in the Guinness Book. The archipelago consists of six islands (Tristan da Cunha, Inaccessible […]

Throw out your misconceptions, visit Turkey

Throughout summer you won’t struggle to find a destination which will more than cater for your sunshine holiday needs, however one which would always call out to me, would be Turkey. Many people have preconceived ideas about Turkey, and for the most part these are incorrect. Don’t let stereotypes put you off exploring a warm and […]

Dublin | Four indoors visits if the weather is not favorable

Ireland owes its beautiful ‘greenery’ in large part to the rains that may accompany us at any time of the year. Dublin is characterized by a changing climate and despite giving us very warm temperatures compared to other cities in the north of the islands, it is also very rainy. But there is no rain able to […]

The crystal lakes of Ubari sand sea able to kill of thirst

In the region of Fezzan, to the southwest of Libya, we can find a huge area full of ​​sand, the dunes sea ​​of Ubari. But the most spectacular part of this place are its crystalline lakes that are spread throughout the desert terrain, something like the remains of what once this place was 200,000 years ago, a green and fertile region dominated […]

Nevado de Colima Volcano National Park | Mexico

Lately we hear of some American volcanoes that begin to have some activity. It is not surprising that one is always scaring us. In Mexican lands we find Nevado de Colima Volcano National Park, in the State of Michoacán (yes, where Paricutin volcano erupted in 1943 and spent nine years releasing lava and ash). We found in this […]

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