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Spectacular water locations around the world

Refreshing water oases built on some of the most spectacular parts of the world, are arguably the most spectacular elements of the hosting hotels. Swim in some of the most spectacular pools, enjoying steep canyons, woodlands or the Caldera of Santorini! Hotel Gellért, Budapest, Hungary Manufactured since 1918, the Hotel Gellért Baths in Budapest highlight […]

Adventurous and relaxing holidays in Tulum | Mexico

In the world there are so many places to visit and each of these has different aspects and different options that allow you to experiment and take types of trips and, therefore, completely different experiences. There are some destinations that can offer you many types of travel that are completely different only by moving just […]

Fairy villas on the water

An enchanting natural scenery surrounds you with crystal clear waters lazily caress your feet and you just sit on the private terrace of your luxury room. The dream that can become reality in a fabulous villa on the water! From Bora Bora to Maldives and Fiji, these unique resorts invite you to experience the ultimate […]

Ten secrets of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

One of the most famous landmarks in the world and a landmark of the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, recently celebrated its 125th birthday! It is difficult to imagine a monument that has been photographed more than the most famous tower in the world. Since its opening, the elaborate structure was converted into a […]

The City of Angels sights | Los Angeles

A city that either you love it or hate it, it is true. Most of you will fall in love with it though. As soon as you set foot in L.A you will understand the reason for the choice of the name. Los Angeles is the only real city of angels. A metropolis that is […]

What foods you should not try while traveling

The testing of new flavors of the local cuisine on your next trip sounds like a very tempting process. There are few times, moreover, that travelers consume foods, unknown to them, just to experience the culinary culture of a place. But is this process always safe? The truth is that there are many foods that […]

The most beautiful beaches of Sicily

Sicily is an island that can offer you breathtaking landscapes,in addition to the fact that the sea and the beaches of this incredible region can be really an amazing beauty. However, the most impressive and the ones with the best characteristics do not match the best known. There are actually some real gems that are […]

Austria – Mountain biking and more

Are your triathlon cycling training plans clashing with your desire to get a good summer holiday? Look towards the continent for a solution… The land-locked European republic of Austria is a country whose scenery is as varied as it is rich and beautiful, offering glittering lakes, rugged mountains and grand cities. Its variety of terrains […]

Art Travellers

City of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, built in the dried up river bed of the Turia, is arguably the most important modern tourist destination in Valencia. The iconic complex is dedicated to science and culture with five main elements, including the Science Museum – an innovative centre of interactive science; the Oceanografic Valencia – […]

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