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Jeju Island Is A Natural Paradise Of South Korea

Today we’re showcasing the beautiful Jeju Island of South Korea! It’s the largest Island of its nation and has very popular coastal resorts that make perfect summer destinations. In addition it has been voted as one of the top destinations this summer by National Geographic thanks to its natural beauty and great forests. However, the […]

Why Do Tourists Love The Giant’s Causeway?

Flanked by the gargantuan North Atlantic Ocean and scenery of dramatic cliffs, for many years the Giant’s Causeway has stirred scientific debate, inspired artists and captured the imagination of everyone who sets eyes on it. It is no surprise that it is a geological wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site, with more than 40,000 basalt […]

The Prestigious And Beautiful Kayakapi Premium Caves

The Kayakapi Premium Caves is an amazing and luxurious hotel in Cappadocia. Its name, Kayakapi, literally translates to “Rock Gates“. What’s unique about it besides the hospitality, amazing service and numerous options is the location and design. You’ll feel as if you’re staying in a cave with all the amenities and facilities of a grand resort. […]

11 Best Places to Celebrate 21st Birthdays

Twenty-one: The booziest birthday is also the last big, breathtaking bash before real adulthood sets in. Therefore, it is well worthwhile to go all-out in celebration of your newfound ability to drink legally and liberally. For a true 21st you won’t soon forget (after the mists of inebriation lift, that is) you should book a […]

Yellowstone National Park’s best kept secret | The boiling river

You will not find signs to point you the way, not much help indeed to find it. Because the boiling river is the best kept secret in Yellowstone National Park. And they want to keep it like this so it does not get crowded, although by word of mouth the digital world has already discovered it, […]

3 Tips On Avoiding Post-Vacation Guilt

After the holidays when you return home you might feel a bit guilty for having spent a lot time and money. This happens because a very high percentage of people plan their vacation only one month in advance. This means an increase in the cost of the trip due to higher rates for being late. […]

Rhodes Is Another Greek Island Perfect For Summer Vacation

Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands and it’s not surprising. The great climate that accompanies it through out the year in addition to the history and the incredible beaches set this island very high on the list of perfect holiday destinations. Here are some tips for what to do and see in Rhodes. […]

Playa del Carmen Is One Of The Best Beach Travel Destinations

Playa del Carmen is yet another gorgeous beach that has been ranked very high by many travel sites as one of the best beach travel destinations. It’s located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, near the state of Quintana Roo and along the Caribbean Coast. Just from learning about its geographical position, you can surely […]

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