Hidden Beach of Marieta Islands in Mexico

We are on the archipelago of the Marieta islands west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The secret beach in question was born in a big hole in the rock, in which where there is a mix of shadows, clear sand and crystal clear water. While the archipelago was created by a volcanic eruption, it is said that Playa del Amor was originated by explosions since the beginning of 900, having occurred in the area. The island was in fact used as a test polygon for bombs.

Hidden Beach at Marieta Islands Hidden Beach, Mexico Hidden Beach

In 1960 the scientist Jacques Cousteau led a protest against the human activities that were ravaging the islands but only in 2005 the islands were declared Parque Nacional Islas Marietas. Now the only authorized activities are swimming and canoeing, to avoid disturbing the animals and plants that have returned after decades to thrive on these islands.

The Hidden beach is obviously hidden. You cannot see from the outside and the only way to get there is to take a 6-meter long tunnel which is accessed by the sea, swimming or paddling the ocean, something that makes the tourists to admire this amazing place.

By Alba V

Photos:Modagaja on Panoramio , vallarta-adventures.com, Puerto Vallarta Day Tours,

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