Holidays in Scotland | In the house in the shape of pineapples

We talked recently of Scotland and its green landscapes being perfect for those who love horse riding and stops in quaint inns and farms with herds of sheep, but between a pint of lager and craft a meat pie, one of the pretexts to go to these lands is the architectural as well as natural beauty.

Dunmore Pineapple House

Dunmore Pineapple House

Dunmore Pineapple House in  Scotland

Dunmore Pineapple House in Scotland

As in the case of Dunmore Pineapple, an admirable example of an eccentric mansion that was built in 1761 as a birthday gift from the Duke of Dunmore for his wife Susan, and that certainly is among the most famous buildings and representative-if not bizarre- in Scotland . There had already discussed here, the building is located within the naturalistic Dunmore Park, a few kilometers from the village of Airth and has a nice park with pond open to the public and private gardens.

Pineapple House in Scotland

Pineapple House in Scotland

Dunmore House

Dunmore House

These are only accessible by those who live in the curious-summer residence which  together with the halls / houses once used to gardeners, can be rented for holidays and is particularly suitable for families and those traveling with dogs, if you search online you will find the contacts in order to book throughout the year.

Dunmore is located north more or less and in the midway between the capital Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Dunmore Pineapple, By Airth, Stirlingshire, FK2 8LU

Phone: +44 (1324) 831137

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