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The Immense Charm Of The Coast Of Santa Cruz In California

Santa Cruz in California is known for its perfect climate with warm temperatures and its gorgeous coastline. A very famous part of it is the Natural Bridges State Park where a big rock inside the sea near the coast forms what one could call a bridge. It’s really beautiful and compliments the landscape. If you’re […]

4 Dream Spots for a Luxury Ski Holiday

Dreaming of an ultimate ski getaway? For many, their dream ski holiday will not be only about snow, but will also include luxurious experiences such as lavish cottages, relaxing spas, and high-end restaurants. Keep on reading and learn more about some of the best choices that you have for luxury skiing. Courchevel in France Known […]

The Best Museums In Washington DC

One of the most talked about cities that you can visit in the United States is Washington DC, the capital. It is an elegant city that’s definitely worth a visit and it’s only a ride away from New York. There are many things to see, including streets, ancient buildings, parks, monuments and museums. There’s a […]

Tips For Your First Trip to Los Angeles

Planning to visit Los Angeles, California, but you don’t know how to prepare for the trip? Here’s some useful tips and information about the city in order to get the best of it. When planning your trip to Los Angeles, you should know as much as you can about it and all that there is […]

The Wave of Arizona | A Great Wave That Captivates All

Near the border with Utah (United States), in the middle of the Arizona desert, is located a rare natural wonder known as The Wave, which annually attracts many hikers, photographers and adventurers for its peculiar form. Currently protected within the reserve of Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, The Wave was formed in the Jurassic period 190 […]

The Top 10 Places With The Clearest Waters In The World

How many times have you imagined finding relief by swimming in beautiful, calm and turquoise waters, so clear that you’re able to see the bottom, after sunbathing? Truly an image taken from a dream, but not too far from reality! Today we present the top places with the clearest waters in the world! Some of the places […]

10 Must-See Sights in Boston

Boston is my favorite city in the U.S.A since it doesn’t look like the classic American cities. I could say that Boston looks like a European city, it’s architecture, the buildings (everything is the same). Boston is a place full of activities. If you decide to visit Boston you should prepare yourself for history, culture, […]

What to visit in Orlando?

It seems to be an easy question to answer: everybody would answer that there is only the Disneyworld in Orlando! It is true as well as dead wrong in the same time… Walt Disney World Resort I will start with a preliminary question in order to test the knowledge of our fans : how many […]

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