3Get your parking sorted

Surviving the sheer boredom of an airport is like trying to stop yourself yawning during a PowerPoint presentation on bus timetables. These purgatorial flight hubs (generally speaking) have the personality of a zombie and fluorescent lighting that will make you look vampire-pale before your flight arrives. Indeed, a large number of people would count flight travel as one of the more stressful experiences in life – and the departure lounge is responsible for a huge amount of that stress. But if you’re a savvy flyer, you’ll know that a departure lounge is as fun as you make it. Which is exactly why we’ve come up with a few tips to help you negotiate stress hotspots during your journey. Take a look and you’ll turn your journey from dull as ditch water to fun and breezy.

You’ve not even entered the airport and already you feel like you’re head is going to explode – trying to find a parking space near your terminal is like trying to find a needle in a sewage system. Most airport parking zones are more complex than a maze designed by Daedalus. You almost expect a crew of minotaurs to follow you around until you find a spot. So let’s be thankful for the industrious types at Edinburgh Airport Parking, whose latest service allows you to leave your vehicle in their capable hands, before they take you to your terminal with the minimum of hassle. It’ll take the tedium out of any long-haul flight for you and your family.

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