Booking Hotels in Foreign Countries

A first time traveler to a foreign country needs to keep a few things in mind when booking a hotel room. Booking hotels in a foreign country requires a little more caution and a bit of planning to ensure that the hotel is exactly what you are looking for. The planning is not hard and anyone can do it once they know what they should do. Checking the currency conversion to get the accurate price, verifying the location of the hotel and inspecting the amenities will all make your stay in a foreign country more enjoyable – especially if you plan well in advance.

Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking

Check the Currency Conversion               

Checking the currency conversion before booking will prevent any surprises when the actual bill arrives. With different currencies, there can always be confusion with the final amount unless it is translated in to U.S. dollars. Instead of waiting for a mistake, convert the price per night to U.S. dollars and then verify with the hotel agent whether it is the correct price. Once the price is verified and is suitable for the budget you are working with, then the other hotel credentials can be checked.

Verify the Location

Besides the cost, the next most important thing to check with a hotel is its location. Since people on vacation often intend to be near a certain destination, you want to make sure the hotel is truly close to your chosen spot before booking. Translation through foreign languages can mess up the names of roads or towns. That hotel in Amsterdam you thought was right next to some of the city’s famous museums, for example, might be much further away once you arrive. It can be difficult to navigate in a foreign city, even for veteran travelers, so the closer you are to sites you want to see, the more time and effort you’ll save yourself. When in doubt, talk to the hotel reservation agent, or consider calling the hotel itself (most residents in Amsterdam speak English).

Inspect the Amenities

Translation between websites can alter the description of a hotel. Therefore, ask the hotel agents to list the amenities the hotel offers before booking a room. There are some amenities a person can make do without, but for a business traveler, having an Internet connection is vital. Remember, too, that Amsterdam and other European, Asian and African countries use a different electrical system, so you’ll have to check ahead of time to see if you need an adaptor and a transformer. Also ask about the breakfast and food options – not every hotel has an in-house restaurant or offers breakfast.

Make the Reservation Securely

Booking online is easy and hassle free, and it’s safe, too – as long as you book through a secure link. The secure link can be through a website directly to the hotel reservation system, with a travel agent or through the hotel agent on the phone. Keep track of what you are charged initially as a deposit and then what is due upon check-in or check-out. Ask for a confirmation number and print out any receipt to keep in your travel files to take when it does come time to travel to the location.

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