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Travel experience combined with the world’s oceans and seas including the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic & Southern Oceans, and Mediterranean described by our traveling team

Virginia Beach Sunrise

Virginia Beach also the World’s Longest Stretch of Pleasure Beach

Virginia Beach is considered by the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest stretch of pleasure beach. The coastline is about 35 miles which is comprised of three beaches namely Virginia Beach, Chesapeake Bay...
Puerto de Málaga

Holidays in Spain: Malaga or Barcelona?

You’ve set your heart on a holiday in Spain; the fabulous climate, the amazing nightlife, the delicious food. Malaga and Barcelona are two of the most popular destinations within Spain. But which to choose?...
Oia at Sunset

Santorini, the queen of the Aegean Sea

Santorini is the spoiled girl of the Cyclades. Standing on a volcanic ground and shaped like a crescent moon, it is notable for being different from their counterparts and to any of the islands...
Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island, Florida – The arts scene

Given that tourists flock to Anna Maria Island in pursuit of the white beaches and year-round sun, the island’s art scene tends to be overlooked by visitors. I tend to pursue art wherever I...
Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas | Mixing sun and sand

Cabo san Lucas is a resort town found in the southern tip of Baja. It is a slender cape side that was developed as a tourist hot spot over the last forty years. During...
Whale sharks

Gulf of Mexico | The show of Whale sharks and Stingrays

During the summer whale sharks and stingrays flock over the Gulf of Mexico . This sight is available for tourist from May to September. There are over 250 whale sharks that were spotted nearby...
Castara Bay - Tobago

10 Islands to visit on your next vacations

Visiting an island would mean spending quiet nights, going for lazy strolls, seeing sunsets and meeting the locals. There are quite a few islands in the world that are still off beaten and can...
Secret Beach

Journey To Secret Beach in Austin | The gem of Texas

Do you want to sink your toes on hot sands or do you want to have a scenic view of endless sea while relaxing? Austin Texas is the home of the secret beach if...

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