Greek Ouzo

Souvenirs Shopping – 5 Uniquely Greek Products To Bring From Athens

Has your holiday or business meeting in Athens come to an end, but you can't figure out what to bring home with you?

Ten places to never forget in Buenos Aires | Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city that offers much to visitors, so the range of activities and visits is very wide. But for those who want to cous on just some places or do not have...

What to see if you visit Singapore in two days

You want to visit Singapore but your time's limited and it's overwhelming to decide where to go? Don't worry, as always, here you have us to support you. Don't miss these places! - The Singapore Flyer:...

Underground bookstore only for book lovers | China

This library doesn't have an impressive appearance so it can attract customers. It is located in an area that no one would imagine that it could house the wealth of knowledge. Either way it...

Where to go in the Emirates | Ras al-Khaimah the next destination

Only Dubai and Abu Dahbi are the cornerstones of (the fastest roller coaster in the world) the UAE, there is not only the bright lights of the trendy restaurants, the splendor of the largest...
Hipster traveler packing

Essential Modern Travel Luggage To Take With You

There are modern solutions to these modern needs and below we're taking a look at essential modern things to accompany us during our trip.
Phlappla Yot temple

Sunrise to Sunset in the temples of Bangkok

Bangkok is a beautiful, intense and one of the most intriguing places in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1782, to become the new capital of Thailand, Bangkok is now a bizarre but fascinating mix of...

Where to shop in London

If you have not lived until now this unique experience, it's time to dare! As with all things in London, there is no single style or form. The shops here are a striking patchwork,...

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