Europe’s Most Enchanting Eastern Cities

While the artistic treasures of Europe may be found in Parisian museums and Italian chapels, much of Europe’s culture is found not in the West, but in the East. From the streets of St Petersburg to the cafés of Krakow, some of Europe’s best experiences can be found in countries like Russia, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

We spoke to the European travel experts at Shearings Holidays to learn more about five of Europe’s most culturally, historically and architecturally significant Eastern cities.

Prague, Czech Republic

This beautiful Bohemian city is known as the bridge between East and West. Home to incredible castles, stunningly beautiful streets and some of the most impressive modern buildings in all of Europe, Prague is an architect’s dream city.

With ten major museums for tourists to visit, hundreds of historical sites and some of Central Europe’s best theatres, it’s also a dream city for culture buffs and history appreciators.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Moscow may be Russia’s capital of politics and commerce, but Saint Petersburg is its undisputed capital of culture and beauty. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is a true feast for the eyes, boasting expansive canals, amazing churches and a stunning selection of historical bridges.

Known as much for its history as it is for its incredible beauty, Saint Petersburg is a city with a lot of stories to tell. Visit the Hermitage Museum to learn more about the unique history of the city once known to the world as Leningrad.

Krakow, Poland

Settled by humans as early as 20,000BC, Krakow is one of Europe’s oldest cities and certainly the oldest major settlement in Poland. Today, it’s Poland’s leading cultural hotspot and a wonderful destination for visitors interested in Polish history.

Visit Wawel Castle to learn the history of Poland’s distinguished historical and royal figures, or navigate the Old Town for a stunning visual experience. Krakow is truly a beautiful city that will impress even the most experienced European travellers.

Budapest, Hungary

Split into two sections by the Danube, Budapest is one of Eastern Europe’s cultural centres. Considered by many to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest offers an interesting mix of Old World beauty and New World progress.

Ride the world’s second oldest underground railway, visit ancient thermal baths, or explore incredible castles. From history to scenery, culture to adventure, Budapest has an attraction to suit every visitor.

Warsaw, Poland

From ancient palaces to incredible Stalinist skyscrapers, Warsaw’s amazing history has given it one of Europe’s most eclectic skylines. From the Old Town to the Royal Palace, Warsaw is full of incredible attractions and impressive historical sites.

Known as Europe’s ‘phoenix city’, Warsaw has survived Transylvanian invasion, Nazi occupation, and the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. Today, it’s an important hub for economic and social development in Eastern Europe.

Explore Europe’s amazing eastern cities this summer

From the Czech Republic all the way to Russia, Eastern Europe is full of incredible cities. Visit amazing castles, world-class museums, and unforgettable historic sites as you explore Eastern Europe on your next European Holiday with Shearings.

Jenni Fielding is a travel expert from Shearings Holidays.

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