Everest Base Camp Trek – Nepal Hiking Trekking Review

When people hear of Everest and the Himalayas they get easily intimidated; it is after all the top of the world. However, you shouldn’t be. Trekking through gorgeous places of the world such as Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan can be done by almost everyone and it’s a unique experience that many describe as life changing. Just like with travel tours, there are teams of people that organize such journeys and guide people through them. In today’s review we’re looking at one such team called Nepal Hiking Team or NHT for short.


More specifically, we’re taking a look at their Everest Base Camp Trek which is not only one of their most popular but also one of the best designed. The journey begins at the Kathmandu Airport in the capital of Nepal. From there you will be accompanied by a representative who will guide you through the rest of the trip. The whole trek as the name suggests will take you through the Everest Base Camp. The highest point of the journey will be at Gorakshep – Kala Pathar at 5545m or 18188ft. It might seem really high but you won’t suddenly teleport there. You will reach this point on the 11th day which means you’ll have plenty of time to acclimatize. During the trip you’ll get to experience Nepal culture and take in many Himalayan peaks that many consider one of the most magnificent sights in the world.

How it works

After visiting NHT’s website you can take a look at all the available tours and choose the one that fits best what you like and what you’d like to see. Each package is filled with detailed information about the itinerary, what you’ll see and what’s included in the package. It’s all very transparent.

Once you’ve picked your package, all you’ve got to do is complete your booking and pay. Afterwards you’re provided with detailed guidelines about where exactly to be and at what time, as well as general tips on how to prepare for the trip and what to bring with you. Once you arrive at Nepal, a member of the team will expect you and guide you. The trips, depending on the package last around 10-20 days. After the farewell, you are transported back to the same spot you got picked up from, the airport, to return home.

What’s good about it?

One of the best parts about these tours and specifically the Everest Base Camp Trek is how wholesome an experience they provide. You get to visit and see amazing places near the highest point of the world and it’s all well organized and designed in order to give you the best adventure. Another great thing about this package is that it’s very economic. For what comes with it and all the perks included in the price, it’s a great offer. The fact that it’s all-inclusive also means you won’t have to worry about further expenses as you’ll have almost anything you might need at your disposal.

Finally, despite its height and the challenge that it entails, this trip is extremely feasible to realize regardless of your physical condition, age or gender. The interesting thing about this trip is that the landscapes you will see are unique in their kind, you will be in the middle of the Himalayas and you will appreciate the highest mountains in the world. It’s definitely a breathtaking experience worth having.


To conclude we believe the Nepal Hiking Team offer an impeccable service that all the positive reviews about them prove this. They make a much feared journey to the top of the world possible for everyone and at affordable prices. This is commendable and we definitely recommend their trekking tours!

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