Farm holidays in Cornwall – looking for the perfect UK “stay-cation”?

Taking your hard-earned holiday in the UK can be an odd proposition for some. Given the explosion of cheap no-frills air lines and the relative strength of the pound abroad foreign holidays can seem like a no-brainer. When you factor in 2012’s frankly atrocious weather (which has at least given us Brits something to talk about when quietly queuing for the bus) the idea of a farm holiday in beautiful Cornwall might seem a bit, well, silly. But if you take the plunge and try one then I promise you that, like me, you’ll be a quick and vocal convert.

Farm Holidays in Cornwall
Farm Holidays in Cornwall

The thing I love about farm holidays in Cornwall is that they feel comfortable and familiar, while still offering a different experience. If you’re staying in the UK, why try and replicate aspects of a foreign holiday by staying in a hotel or holiday park? It is not a coincidence that Devon and Cornwall in the rural South West of England remain The UK’s most popular holiday retreat. Here are some reasons why I love to take a farm holiday in Cornwall.

  1. Family Friendly. As the father of a toddler the very idea of sitting in an aeroplane with my daughter for several hours breaks me out in a cold sweat. She’s enough of a handful at ground level in a play café, let alone cooped up in a metal cylinder at 30,000 feet. Admittedly driving with a little one can be stressful, but at least you can take breaks on the way to your farm cottage. Once you’re there you’ll find that farm holidays are perfect for kids of all ages. Not only is there plenty of space and fresh air, kids can also get involved in the farm by feeding lambs, collecting eggs and much more. Many farms also offer swimming pools and play areas too.
  1. Seeing Nature Up Close. Obviously holidaying on a farm you’re going to see plenty of animals: sheep, pigs, cows, ducks. We’ve all sung ‘Old MacDonald’, so you know the usual suspects off by heart. But how about seeing a fox trotting across a country lane? Or watching a badger set at dusk? I remember seeing a young deer grazing at the forest line when I stayed in Cornwall just before it darted off into the undergrowth. When you stay on a farm these kinds of encounters happen all the time and are one of the reasons many people find them so enjoyable.
  1. The Night Sky. These days it’s pretty rare to see much of the cosmos when you look up at night. The light pollution from cities means it can be tough to see much other than the moon and a few of the brighter stars, but out in the secluded Cornwall countryside and looking out over the ocean, the true beauty of the universe is revealed. If you’re a casual star gazer then just go out one evening and cast your eyes up.
  1. The Food. One of the best things about staying on a working farm is the opportunity to try out some of their homegrown goods. Cornwall is hot on organic produce. Many farms have a farm shop that will stock all manner of produce from butter and cheese, to chutneys and jams. I’ll tell you something, a cooked breakfast made with eggs that you helped collect that morning tastes like nothing else. You also get a chance to see exactly how much hard work goes into the food you pluck off the shelf at your local supermarket, which gives you a new appreciation for farmers.

So there you have it, just a few of the reasons to farm holiday in Cornwall. Whether it’s for a quick weekend getaway, or a fortnight with the family, farm holidays in Cornwall are a great way to relax and unwind, and offer an unbeatable way to experience the wonders of both the beautiful Cornwall countryside and Cornwall’s dramatic Atlantic coastline.

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