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Travelling on a bike is one of the most intimate journeys that we can make: you are alone with the road and with the desire to travel. Philip Tuena has recently published a good novel titled “Foreign to the ground”. The second part of this novel is autobiographical and tells the story of a journey that return to its roots, the journey that the author does in motion.

My motorbike journey
My motorbike journey

In telling of his journey, Philip Tuena focuses on certain aspects that we like to emphasize to our directory of the travel literature. Moving in motion is not always the same, as well Tuena describes:

In recent times, keeps his motorcycle in a different way than in the past. It is still an object that belongs to him but he knows that little by little he will separate because things change inexorably and the philosophy of the movement that would enhance its Speed Triple tends to rest. Even his manner of driving is changing because time does not pass in vains and he realizes that youthful exuberance is replacing wisdom or the senile greed that gradually reduce its scope.
And this “different way” is also visible outside:
His wife says that when he goes in motion he turns his gaze and smiles like a child and maybe that’s true and he would like to see this change from the outside, this happiness that attacks him in a childish and perhaps happy for others to notice that every time he is on the bike and starts the engine he knows the journey.

But what is a motorcycle trip? What makes it unique compared to other means?

The rider knows from experience that a motorcyclist has power over time and space and can stop at any time even if its run suspect it’s time to get over him absolute power so that it can lead to unpredictable deviations across the face of unexpected views . There is only one incontestable fact: the direction of the motorcycle is marked because it is not expected – by very rare cases – that is equipped with a reverse gear and meshed once the first is forced to proceed forward even if this apparently going in only one direction, to ignore something that is at least physically and straight before him. This does not prevent the rider from exercising the memory, in his case, it is not a simple task of memory but something different, something creative might even think that the direction set by his going is not able to be corrected or deviated.

A thousand thoughts pile up in the mind of the rider – whether it is a real or a fictional character – and they are amalgamated with the practical things to do as well. Think about all this, even before the start of the trip: check the oil level, battery water, coolant, tire pressure and adjust the tension of the clutch, brakes, chain, swingarm and most of all do not forget to check if you have a valid motor bike insurance.

There is a magic moment while traveling by motorcycle: it is the time of departure, not the arrival, it is the journey itself. It is the night before, when everything is ready and all that remains is to jump in the saddle.
But the journey always begins the night before, when you realize you cross the limbo of waiting, when the night comes close and it is the night before the trip, the one where the motorcycle remains alone and you leave quietly after preparing the few things that you plan to take with you, trusting to add more during the trip, the most important things that will certainly meet going, those who do not belong to you and that the trip will offer.

Have a good trip and remember that whenever traveling, while the bike is working towards the destination, your thoughts go back into the past.

By Ina K

Photo : Ali_Haikugirl

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