The Best Cars for Australian Road Trips

From the stark beauty of the Savannah Way to the warm breezes of the Great Ocean Road, Australia offers no shortage of stunning road trip options. No matter how much time you have available, you’ll find no shortage of spectacular landscape to discover across this diverse continent. Before you start preparing your itinerary, you’ll need to make sure that your car is up for the challenge. The following are a few features to look for when planning your next Australian adventure.

Great ocean road, Australia
Great ocean road, Australia

Fuel Economy

Whether you’re budget minded, ecologically inclined, or both, you’ll want to find a car with suitable fuel efficiency. Looking at a valuable car comparison of the top road-worthy vehicles on your list can steer you in the right direction. Traditional SUV’s are popular with road-trippers who plan on going into rugged terrain, but they do have a reputation for guzzling gas. Compact SUV’s can be a good middle ground for those who want the control of an SUV but the fuel economy of a smaller car. The Subaru Outback is a classic option for Australian road trips, while the Kia Sportage offers impressive fuel economy for its size, at up to 54.3 mpg. Even smaller and more efficient cars may be ideal for short road trips, particularly if you don’t have a great deal of gear.

Safety and Reliability

There are stretches of Australia that are extremely remote, such as the long stretch of road from Cairns to Broome. The last thing you want when driving through the desert or Outback is to have your car break down in the midday heat. As a result, reliability should not be discounted when searching for the right vehicle. Look at the safety record and rate of mechanical breakdown in any used car you’re considering, as well as the safety features of any new models. Reading a Nissan X-Trail review, for example, you’ll notice that emphasis is placed on the brand’s reliability, making it a good option.

Interior Comforts

Avoid cramping legs and sore necks by splashing out on a car with enough room to stretch out for long journeys. Compact or traditional SUV’s, vans, and station wagons all fit the bill in this respect. The Ford Falcon station wagon is a top choice in terms of roominess. In addition to passenger room, be sure to compare storage space when looking at your options. You’ll need enough room for your gear. If you’re planning on driving through the northern part of Australia, you’ll also want to have air conditioning. Windows will need to stay rolled up in this climate, due to the hot and dusty air of the Outback.

Drivability and Handling

Because Australia’s terrain is so diverse, you can keep your region in mind when choosing the right vehicle. Although you don’t want to drive through Kakadu National Park in a tiny convertible, this could be the vehicle of choice for a sporty tour of Victoria’s wine country. For most road trippers, something in the middle that can handle all types of roads will be the safest bet. Don’t forget to bring a spare can of petrol, and take time to plan ahead. This will help you enjoy all of Australia’s picturesque motorways in style and comfort.

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