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Australia is one of the world’s greatest destinations for those that have a special taste for cuisine that focuses on excellent meats, fresh seafood, and a great deal of delicious fruits and vegetables. Individuals that travel to Australia will also find that there is an abundance of quality restaurants and casual eateries, each of which encapsulates its own special charm within the food that it serves its guests. If you are looking for some of the best, must-try Australian restaurants, then you are reading the right list. Below you will find some of the greatest recommendations, each followed by a small summary of the divine food that you can expect to enjoy.

Restaurants Australia


I bet you did not expect to see a Thai restaurant on this list, but this list would not be complete without it. Chat Thai is located in Thaitown, Sydney among the bustling Thai and Chinese Districts. With the daily selection of fresh fish and an abundance of crisp produce, the dishes at this eatery are unlike what you are most likely used to. At Chai Thai, you will find yourself immersed in Asian food culture with food that is unbelievably delicious and satisfying. Their signature dishes are focused on seafood and produce, and leave you with nothing but pure joy that you tried them.


If the name does not instantly hint towards the nature of the cuisine, then the interior surly will. The Woods is a rustic-type restaurant whose goal is to take you back to nature, to cuisine before the world became more complicated. Their menu features what they call, ‘primitive luxury’ food — a cuisine composed of meats, poultry, and sea food that is seasoned with nothing but delicate natural seasonings and herbs and the good ole’ rustic fire. They provide guests with the opportunity to appreciate food as it once was, pure and simple.


This restaurant will steal your heart and will always keep you coming back for more. Established by Chef and Hostess duo Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart, this quintessential restaurant pays homage to the beauty of the season. Chef Gregory bases the menu upon foods that only fit the season, giving you nothing but only the freshest and ripe selection. Hartsyard’s main philosophy is food must be made in-house. From the breads, to the syrups, to the garden-picked fruits and vegetables behind their establishment, everything is made daily and with the utmost care.


You will find yourself in situations where eating in Australia can be a bit difficult at late hours of the night, or perhaps you just don’t feel like leaving the convenience of your hotel room after a exhausting day exploring. In this situation, Australia has come up with another innovation that will link you to nearly any restaurant you are hankering for. EatNOW is a website where you can order food directly from the many restaurants on the site. After searching for an establishment by postcode or suburb, all you need to do is simply find a place and set an order. All restaurants include options of either delivery and/or pickup. In addition, to make things even easier, you will be able to know exactly how long your order will take via a convenient message to your cell phone.

With the above options and other fantastic restaurants, you will find yourself wondering how you will ever be able to leave such an exciting food hub.

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