The market of San Miguel in Madrid

The market of San Miguel is close to Plaza Mayor, so its existence is not a secret, for the many tourists who flock to the streets of Madrid. Nevertheless, it’s worth a trip, apparently not for shopping (because it is not among the cheapest in the capital), it is the place to get a drink (a glass of red wine and a taste of serrano?).

Market of San Miguel
Market of San Miguel

The covered market dates from the early twentieth century like the similar European markets at the time, it was voted as the most modern. For many years it has been restored and said as a cultural sanctioning building, in fact, the nature of the touristic attraction. Over 2,000 square meters, 33 stores, which display their colorful and varied goods (fruit and fish, especially), and premises catering. Bright, slightly refined, definitely international. Open every day from 10 am to 22, Sunday to Wednesday, until 2 am, Thursday through Saturday.

By Ina K

Photo 1: spottedbylocals

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