5The Fairmont Dubai

The Fairmont Dubai

Dubai is one of those holiday destinations that is famous for its opulence. A man-made paradise, the city is awash with beautiful feats of human ingenuity. From the world’s tallest tower to the handcrafted island of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai is nothing if not a spectacle. But where the real majesty lies is in the elaborate and intricate hotels that tower above this desert metropolis. These five-star hotels have gained publicity by giving themselves seven stars – and although that’s a rating that doesn’t actually exist outside of the mind of rich Emiratis, it stands testament to the extravagant nature of these luxury buildings.

With a direct metro link to Dubai airport, The Fairmont Dubai marks itself out for its conveniently central location. This towering 34-storey building comprises 394 guest rooms, a wine bar, cigar bar, sports bar, a spa, as well as another 10 separate dining venues. It’s a hub of entertainment and fine cuisine that is a welcoming place to relax for anyone with the cash. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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