Trips and Travel in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to visit and, whether you’re a tourist or resident, is teeming with such a melting pot of different cultures that there’s always something new to find out about in this unique city-state.



A large and bustling island with a busy port, Singapore’s dense population can make it a difficult place to negotiate for the layman.

But, although this heavily populated location can be initially intimidating to visit or relocate to, it’s also an area that can be rewarding to explore.

The city itself comprises of 15 districts, each with their own quirks and intricacies. The Orchard Road, for example, is simply miles and miles of shopping malls, while Sentosa is home to a series of theme parks.

And, although Singapore is a sprawling place to live in on foot, it can also be a reasonably simple region to travel around when transport is involved. Metro stations, convenient bus routes and car rental are all popular and simple options for making your way around this packed city, and thankfully are never few and far between.

The Advantages of Staying in Singapore

With lush greenery that makes it a far cry from most other large cities, and a host of different cultures to interact with, a tour around Singapore in even a periphery fashion can be a rewarding experience.

The city also holds host to a wide number of events, with the Singapore Grand Prixes, Arts Festivals, The World Gourmet Summit and many more throughout the year that can make staying in the area a constantly stimulating and cosmopolitan experience.

There are few language barriers for the newcomer to Singapore, with the majority of the population able to speak English with a high level of fluency. This makes it an easy place to settle down, and with the price of living being reasonably flexible for a major city, it’s not a relocation that will break your bank balance.

The ideal places to visit in Singapore

Singapore is filled with treats for both tourist and resident alike. As this ”Green City” constantly industrialises itself, it can be a comfort to know that at its heart lies the Botanic Gardens, a large stretch of forest replete with a selection of over 1000 species of orchid. In the maddening crowds of a city, there will always be a pleasant retreat to relax in.

The town also plays host to The Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest observation wheel, which could give the London Eye a run for its money any day. It acts as the ideal place for any person looking to  experience a view of the City’s skyline. Although it holds a pricey admission fee of around $30 for a half-hour ride, it allows for an undeniably pretty look at some of Singapore’s sights.

Add in a multitude of museums (The Chinese Heritage Museum is an especially fruitful venture), shopping centres and a set of towering skyscrapers that are an awe-inspiring spectacle, and what you have is a prime spot to explore.

Photo: Kenny Teo (zoompict)