Travel advice – how to have a luxury break on a budget

Here’s the situation – you have been working hard all year and are ready for a holiday. But not just any holiday, you want a bit of luxury, some time away where you and your other half can relax and focus on you for a while.

Luxury break
Luxury break

The problem is that your budget does not match these ideals and somehow the everyday costs and the unexpected one-off  repairs have not left a lot behind. Well fear not, a luxury break can still be achieved as long as you are savvy. Read on for our top tips of how to balance the budget and still spoil yourselves.

Don’t go to the ends of the earth

Long haul flights are by definition expensive, so choosing a far flung destination will eat into your budget significantly. There are many closer locations, such as Turkey and Tenerife that are just as lovely and warm, but a cheaper flight away.

Cutting down on your air miles will help you achieve the luxury you desire. Congratulate yourself on such savvy booking by indulging in some spa treatments or upgrading your room. By thinking about where you spend your money, you can use it to maximum effect.

Be flexible

Keeping your eyes peeled for a good deal can mean that you get your ideal break at a cheaper price. This may mean that you have to go at short notice or out of season, but that’s a small price to pay for a luxury holiday. If there are fewer people in the hotel then you also stand more of a chance of getting an upgrade.

Flaunt your special occasion

You may think it’s a cliché but couples celebrating their honeymoons do often get given superior rooms or added extras such as fruit baskets or champagne for free. Try not to be a bore and tell every member of staff, but mentioning it when booking or checking in is a good idea.

You are not guaranteed to get any freebies, but if it is your honeymoon or anniversary then this is your one chance to take advantage and let everyone indulge their romantic side.

Go all inclusive

One of the main benefits of going all inclusive with an operator such as Cosmos Holidays is that you know how much you will be paying for food and drinks upfront. This means that you can be much more relaxed when you get to the resort without having to stress about the budget.

You will be able to sample local food and wine right where you are staying. All inclusive breaks also offer a huge array of cuisine, which is the ultimate luxury for many travellers, making it a cost effective option.

Don’t be greedy

One way to be able to afford a luxury holiday is to go for a slightly shorter time than you would if you were having your normal trip. Cutting it down by one or two days will make your money go further and allow you to make the most of the time that you are there.

By following the advice not to go too far you can maximise the time you are away and not spend the majority of it travelling. Taking all of these factors into consideration will let you have the trip you deserve, not just the one you can afford.

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