Travel Gadget Review – Tung Brush

One of the most important items that no traveler can do without is our toothbrush. It’s something personal only we use and necessary on a daily basis. However, what most people neglect that is equally important and beneficial for our mouth is a tongue brush. Today we’re taking a look at Tung Brush, a unique and helpful travel gadget that promises to keep your mouth clean during all trips.

What is the Tung Brush

Tung Brush and Gel is a tongue brush that replaces the conventional toothbrush in the sense that it’s specifically made for the tongue. Most people use the same toothbrush to clean both their teeth and tongue but this is wrong as the tongue is where 90% of bacteria that cause bad breath can be found and using the same brush would mean exposing your teeth to the same level of bacteria, which is bad practice.

The brush has a circular shape and is made specifically to accommodate the shape and anatomy of the tongue, making brushing comfortable and avoiding the gag effect that usually occurs while brushing our tongue with a conventional toothbrush.

Finally, the product comes with a gel that is rich in Zinc that aims to neutralize sulphur gas which in most cases is the source of the bad breath.

What is good about Tung Brush

As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about Tung Brush is its shape and its short firm bristles which have specifically been made to remove bacteria from the tongue successfully without any irritation. Also, the gel is very effective offering maximum protection against bacteria.

In addition to this, it’s small and fits in any small bag just like your personal toothbrush you never part with does. This is essential for travelers who are exploring the world and are on the run all the time as it makes keeping your mouth hygiene easier than ever. Keep in mind Tung Brush is not meant to compete with your toothbrush. They should both be used with equal importance in order to achieve the best state for your mouth.


We travelers know better than anyone that keeping up our hygiene can be difficult sometimes as we don’t stay in one place for too long and often don’t have time or space to take care of it. However, travel gadgets such as Tung Brush make the task easier than ever and you have no excuse not to try it, especially with this amazing ongoing giveaway for our readers. In the Tung Brush site you can participate in a giveaway to receive a Tung Brush travel kit with the following code GFJ62E. Let us know what you think once you try it!

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