When to Visit the Caribbean

White sand beaches, wonderful weather, and fun local culture make the Caribbean a hotspot for international travellers. Made up of over 5,000 different islands located just south of the Tropic of Cancer, the Caribbean is famous for its summer sun

In September, the blue skies retreat and monsoon rains start to appear
In September, the blue skies retreat and monsoon rains start to appear

Like other tropical destinations, however, the Caribbean isn’t a dream destination in every season. Monsoon rain and turbulent hurricanes rock the Caribbean in certain seasons, making it essential to book your trip during the right season.

The Caribbean travel experts at Royalwestmoreland have kindly compiled this guide to the four travel seasons of the Caribbean. Read on to discover the Caribbean’s peak tourist season, its low-cost bargain season, and its wild weather periods.

Low Season: June until August

In June, the Caribbean is flooded with summer sun. The beaches are empty, the hotel rooms are discounted, and the beachside bars are remarkably light on visitors. For a three-month period, this A-list travel destination is very lightly populated.

Since the majority of tourists to the Caribbean come from Europe or North America, the Northern Hemisphere’s summer is the region’s low season. Travel from June to August and you’ll enjoy heavily discounted hotels, serviced apartments, and villas.

High Season: December until April

When snow begins to cover the United States and Europe, visitors arrive in many of the Caribbean’s top resort destinations en masse. From mid-December to late April, hotels from Antigua to Barbados are filled to capacity.

The Caribbean high season is typically the most enjoyable time of year, at least with regards to the weather. Daytime temperatures range from the high 70s to the low-to-mid 90s, making winter a lovely time to be on holiday in the Caribbean.

Rainy Season: September until November

While the Caribbean’s hurricane season technically begins in June, it doesn’t reach its peak pace until the beginning of September. In this time of the year, the weather reaches its turbulent tropical peak, producing monsoon rain and hurricanes.

Despite the occasional extreme weather, the Caribbean’s rainy season isn’t a terrible time to visit the region. Not all of the islands are heavily affected by hurricanes, and many are just as enjoyable during the rainy season as they are in the peak season.

Sabbatical Season: May until June

By late April, the snow over North America has retreated and families are returning home. During this period, it’s easy to find wonderful hotel rooms and private villas, often at prices that are just a fraction of their high season rates.

During May and June, temperatures increase slightly throughout the Caribbean, as does rainfall. Despite this, the islands are still wonderful places to visit during this time of year, particularly for travellers on a tight budget.


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