Strange Hotels | Sleeping Around Antwerp in Belgium

The idea came from a company based in Antwerp, Belgium, which baptized Sleeping Around( just to give you a clue). This is not to sleep in caravan which moves around the city, but in a temporary container converted into a hotel, which opens into a different place for each guest.

Sleeping around

Sleeping around side view

Sleeping around

Sleeping around view

Sleeping around

Sleeping around bed

Sleeping around

Sleeping around

The large metal containers have been transformed into a stylish hotel, re-designed with eco-friendly materials, so as to provide, in addition to the bedroom, a bathroom and a place for lunch. Rather than staying in a particular location, these giant “boxes” are transported around Antwerp and guests who book one night at the hotel, should be amenable to a kind of treasure hunt. In fact, after you have confirmed your stay you must find a hotel, with the GPS directions provided by the hotel.

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By Ina K

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