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Exploring Santarém In The Heart of Portugal

Santarém is one of the beautiful but lesser known cities of Portugal. It’s located in its center and is very popular among Erasmus students who spend several months there studying their degrees. At first glance it might seem small but as you begin to explore Santarém you’ll realise there’s so much to see. One of the strong […]

The Amazing Nightlife Of Lisbon’s Neighborhoods

With narrow streets, a cozy nightlife, colorful bars and rhythm of fortune, Bairro Alto in Lisbon welcomes you. This is one of the most prestigious areas of the Portuguese capital where you can spend a good evening with friends for dinner and then stroll through bars and enjoy the various shows such as the Portuguese […]

10 Most Amazing Beaches Of The Algarve Coast In Portugal

The Algarve Coast located in southern Portugal is an incredible endless series of some of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Europe. Not only are they long but they also offer qaulity of natural beauty with soft sand and clear sea. The Mediterranean climate is one of the main reasons these beaches are loved by […]

A sinister visit to the Chapel of Bones in Evora | Portugal

If you haven’t visited it yet, maybe your image of Evora in Portugal is linked to monuments such as the Roman temple and its Gothic cathedral, but as you keep exploring you’ll discover a very well-known place in this city of the region of Alentejo. We’re talking about the so-called Chapel of Bones, a corner which takes up the space […]

Lagos, Portugal | History and parties

A life dream for travelers around the world is a long ride to Europe! This remains the most popular destination as it manages to combine leading metropolis, incredible nature, unique winter destinations, but also a whole Mediterranean Sea that accommodates the best summer resorts in the world! Today we will discover the intense Lagos in […]

The antique Fado houses in Lisbon

The antique Fado houses in Lisbon

Fado is a national musical treasure, which started in the north of the country. There are two types of them:  the Coimbra’s type and the Lisbon’s type. In Lisbon the song is always solo and in Coimbra it is presented by a group, mostly men. The song is always played by two musical instruments. A […]

Nightlife in Lisbon: Cinco Lounge bar

Nightlife in Lisbon: Cinco Lounge bar

I will never forget the taste of that exotic mojito (if I remember well it was August 2008) in Bairro Alto in the city of Lisbon, a city that is perpetually overlooked by tourists. While tasting around different cocktail bars, I went to Cinco Lounge; I cannot help it but wonder what I really felt in that moment. In fact, this bar is popular with its locals rather than the typical  tourists (like […]

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