The summer markets in Val Gardena


In South Tyrol, both s in summer and winter activities and events abound to call mountain lovers, I spoke to you few days ago about the race in Val d’Ultimo farms and other farm holidays around the area (ie ancient mountain farms) and related, we now move in Val Gardena, where for the summer season 2013 has provided gastronomic theme and cultural events that all visitors should try in order to get deep in the traditions of the Dolomites. If you are from the warm countries bear in mind that it will not be very warm, meaning that you need to get mountain clothes, like Icebreaker Clothing. Last time I went to Tyrol it was kind of cold in the summer (around 17 degrees), for that reason you should pay attention on your luggage. If you want to get some affordable clothes, check The Epicentre, because they have cheap prices.

Markets in Val Garden
Markets in Val Garden

Back to the markets now; the first is to write down the alp of Mastie culinary excursion in order to observe how they produce yogurt & cheese and continue going to taste the typical dishes of the valley in three huts in the surrounding area. On July the 10th, Ortisei Val Gardena is home to the historic banquet CEIF from Zacan, serving menu of ancient tradition (with folkloric procession) and on the 17th of July in Val Gardena Sky Dinner you will enjoy the tasting of local wines. In order to do food shopping on the other hand, in the months of July and August every Tuesday night in Santa Cristina they will set up the market of farmers and crafts (in the same country in September the 15th  is the feast of dumplings) and in August there markets Nives are of flavor and taste to the streets of the village of Selva, with specialties and organic products.

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