Airport hell!

Airports can be scary places if you’re not used to them. The first time I ever visited an airport, on my first ever flight to Lanzarote, I had no idea what to do, where to go, or how to be, and the sheer size of the place freaked me right out! You arrive at the terminal door, and you’re immediately greeted with queues, noise, people running over your toes with suitcases, and sign posts, lots and lots of sign posts.

It’s no wonder people get a little edgy and stressed!

The best possible advice to bear in mind when you arrive at a busting, loud departure hall is to stay calm! This is a holiday after all, it’s meant to be a joyous, happy experience! A good night’s sleep the evening before and keeping stress to a minimum always helps too. I’ve found a good way to remain settled and grounded prior to the stress-fest that can be check-in and security, is to make sure by the time you arrive at the airport, you’re not still up to the eyes in carry over travel panic. By that I mean late and busy trains to the airport, buses that don’t turn up, late taxis etc. Driving yourself to the airport eradicates all of this, and saves money too. What could be better?

The first time I decided to try this, I booked my airport parking with BCP. I’ll admit I was a little concerned as to how all this worked, however the moment I arrived I was put completely at ease, and ever since then, it’s a service I’ve used time and time again. I save time, stress, and money. It really is a no brainer.

No matter where you choose to fly from, you’ll no doubt find a service to suit your needs, such as parking at Heathrow for those cheap London flights. Heathrow Airport was my first experience of a truly massive airport terminal, yet by staying calm, following those famous signs and asking when I got stuck, it was easy, so there’s really nothing to worry about when you head into that huge hallway.


For me, security is always the worst part, because I generally look suspicious even though I’ve done nothing wrong, and I’m always the one that beeps because I stupidly forgot to take my belt off. But once I’m through security, I’m happy because that means one thing – duty free!

There is nothing a shop full of all manner of cut price goods can’t fix!

Of course, the bar and several restaurants will also do a lot to calm that pre-flight excitement and any remaining nerves, so whilst you’re in that queue waiting to weigh your case, praying it’s not over the luggage allowance weight, keep in mind these positives, and that check-in and security stress will be over before you know it.

Remember, chill-out pre-arrival with that parking idea, and you won’t be carrying in extra stress with your carry-on luggage! Nobody misses out, so no matter where you fly from, you’re catered for.

When airport panic sets in, remember this, it is just a building, and a gateway to better, sunnier places!

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