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Oldest advertisement

The oldest advertisement in the world found in Thebes, Egypt | Did you know...

Today advertising pervades our lives. The media and new technologies make it impossible to escape. Anywhere in the world we are subjected to an "uncontrolled pressure" to buy and consume. There are people who...
World's largest whole

World’s deepest hole is in Kola, Russia

Did you know that there  a few things known about Earth's interior?! Some say we know more for the boundaries of the universe than the center of our planet. What we know less comes...

The Ultimate Guide To Living Like A Millionaire

Wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to spend all (or at least some) of your time living the true millionaire lifestyle, at any one time either reclining into your soft white leather seat...

The Most Beautiful Cemeteries In The World

While cemeteries are not a pleasant place to be in, we can't deny that some of them as so well designed and built that they look like pieces of art.

Tips for Booking the Best All-Inclusive Vacation

The mention of an all-inclusive vacation may conjure up images of long lines and colorless buffets. However, today’s all-inclusive vacations have more to offer.

The Danger of What’s in Your Pocket

We’re more global than ever before. We travel abroad, and need to be constantly connected. E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just local bus times and restaurant suggestions. Where before, we’d rely on travel guides...

10 Amazing Universities In The World Will Make You Want To Study Again

Some universities have great architecture and incredible campuses, that enrich just being there. Here are the best that will make you want to study again!
Bannerman Island

Bannerman Island | An abandoned imposing castle an hour from New York

Still, remnants of ancient civilizations and historical buildings have been nourished to visit in the United States. This time steeped in what remains of an imposing castle an hour from New York. Located on...

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