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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Corsica

Here are some of the best Corsica beaches you and your family can go and relax in during your next vacation.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Occitanie

One of the reasons why France is an ideal place for the holidays is because of the beaches. Occitanie is an administrative region that has many beaches, which offer adventure for individuals, couples, and the whole family. We’ve selected the very best of these beaches you should never miss while visiting Occitanie.

The Most Beautiful Beaches In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France facing the Mediterranean offers a large diversity of coast. The beaches of this region attract countless tourists, especially in summer. Explore the most beautiful beaches in the PACA region of France, while getting lost in the sparkly waters of the Mediterranean.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Pays De La Loire

Whether you are looking for a calmer and unspoiled beach or a populated one with various beach services, you will definitely find that beach that meets your desires. Check out some of the most beautiful beaches in Pays de la Loire.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Nouvelle Aquitaine

The beaches in Nouvelle Aquitaine can be characterized by their expansive shorelines, picturesque sceneries, wild water waves, great for surfing activities, and more. The beautiful beaches in this region of France are often the favorite spots among the locals and visitors. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Nouvelle Aquitaine that you should add to your travel to-do list.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Bretagne

Bretagne is the second most famous beach destination in France. Most of the beaches in Bretagne region of France are packed with watersports activities, beach amenities, soft white sand and crystal clear waters. Thousands of visitors flock into these beaches especially in summer to make the most of their holiday.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Ceuta

The autonomous city of Ceuta in Spain has a land mass of 18.5 square kilometers (7.1 square miles). It is located in a region where the Atlantic Ocean meets with the Mediterranean sea, facing the Strait of Gibraltar which divides Europe from Africa. With a coastline 21 kilometer, Ceuta has a variety of beaches, rocks, and coves. The city of Ceuta continuously renews itself by constructing new tourist amenities and promoting its beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in Ceuta.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer the perfect places for summer and winter holidays, because of the warm climate all year round and the beautiful mountains and beaches. There are many activities to usher visitors into a paradise of fun, relaxation, and enjoyment. Here are the most beautiful beaches you should never miss if you ever find yourself visiting the islands.

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