Cheapest pet travel destinations, 2012

For those who want to travel with their pets, they need to do their homework in order to get the most of affordable packages. Pet travel is a subject that would need a lot of research. This is not just to save money but to offer the best experience for you and your furry pal. Let us first see the airlines. This falls into two categories, either carry on or luggage. Both of the methods in transporting your pet are becoming more expensive than ever. You will need to add a couple of dollars to the airfare which is something that is steadily increasing but you might not notice. As a traveler, you need to dig deeply to find airlines that would accept pets. You would want to locate them on their policies.

Pet Friendly Airline
Pet Friendly Airline

There is a certain number of pets that should be carried on the cabin. It is a must that you need to make reservations on the flight. If you are traveling with a pet, you might want to go for early reservations. It seems that you have to pain a leg room for the fare. There are some airlines that would allow to the carrier to be placed under the seat. Of course airlines would need revenue so they can survive and this is part of it. There are some airlines that would accept large pets to be place on the cargo. There are some airlines that don’t necessary approve of having pet in their cabin because some passengers might have allergies.  Normally the best pet destinations are New York and California. Aside from airlines, you might want to choose a bus as a mode of transport however you need to plan ahead of time. Fortunately, there are quite a number of hotels that accept pet as a guest. They will normally add fees if you insist bringing pets to their hotel. The reason for this is that their pet friendly room would need constant attention. There are cases wherein you will be liable in case your pet will cause damage to the carpet and the furniture. Of course there are other hotels that will not have tolerance for the pet at all. It is best to search in the internet and you can find quite a number of accommodations that welcome pet as a guest. Be sure to gather all the information so you can find the best travel destination that would be fun for you and your pet.

By Ina K

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