Experience Europe on the Road: Motorhomes

Travelling to the many diverse and fascinating destinations throughout Europe can be AN exciting and enlightening experience, no matter where you go or stay. However, for those who really want to make the most of travelling to Europe, a motorhome holiday can prove ideal. When you choose one of the many motorhomes available in which to explore the delights of the continent, you will be able to look forward to adventure, excitement and the freedom that comes with experiencing Europe on the road.


When you head to Europe in your stylish ‘home from home’ you will be able to enjoy the true feeling of freedom, as you won’t be tied to a particular area or have to put up with a set itinerary. With your accommodation already sorted and the ability to make your own meals in your very own home on wheels you can cut out a lot of the costs involved in a traditional European holiday, making this a very affordable option.

Sample European trips for motorhomes

In all honesty, there are many wonderful trips that you can arrange around Europe when you head off in your motorhome. You will find that with a little forward planning you can arrange the perfect holiday, taking in new sights, sounds and experiences all around Europe.

There are also some routes that have become popular among motorhome travellers over the years, and some European gems include the following.

      Simple tour: A simple but very enjoyable motorhome tour, which may be ideal for those who are new to this form of holidaying, is a circular road trip. This is where you do a circular tour of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. You get to experience four distinct cultures, have some incredible experiences, and enjoy fantastic cuisine and beer for which these countries are so well known.

      Tour of Italy: For those who enjoy natural beauty, fine cuisine, culture, arts, and history, Italy is an excellent place to explore by motorhome. There are many fascinating cities to visit such as Venice, Rome, and Florence, not to mention the stunning lakes region. Enjoy the beauty of Tuscany and take in the incredible sights that can be found all around this diverse and exciting country.

      Grand Tour: For the experienced, the adventurous and those with plenty of time available, the European Grand Tour is the ultimate motorhome trip on the continent and will take you through some incredible places. France and Italy feature in this tour, so there is plenty of history and culture to soak up. Over recent years, the tour has become more extensive, with Norway, Turkey, Sicily, Spain and Portugal being included.

With so many wonderful places to visit and so many exciting experiences to enjoy, a motorhome trip to Europe will provide the perfect, unforgettable road trip.

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