Sleeping in a yurt in the south of France

For those who love the green landscapes of the south of France, but want to stay outside since most of the paths are beaten by mass tourism –  the perfect solution is the Oustamura Yurt & Breakfast which is located in the natural park of Mercantour. The yurt is the traditional circular hut used by nomadic people of Central Asia, an arrangement that makes perfect complement with the surrounding nature, which in this case is located at 1,400 meters above the sea level. In total there are 3 yurts inside the park of a farm which is located a couple of hours from Nice, managed by Corinne, an expert in martial arts and oriental calligraphy.


Each cabin measures 27 square meters and can accommodate 4 to 5 people, has an outer bathroom, plus a solar shower nearby, and the share of overnight stay comes with breakfast included, which you can see in detail on their website. Prices range from 25 € per head, and can go to 5 for 60 euro per person for the single stay. Last but not least, if you have arrived there means you appreciate the experience in contact with nature and peace, and then you will be pleased to know that there you will get acquainted with the 42 Cashmere goats from which you can also buy their wool.

How to get there:

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By Nikos K

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