When we travel we may need to rent something, like a bike, some skies, a boat to get to an island, a quad to run through the dunes, a private car to go somewhere where public transport does not reach… nothing to write home about. However, what we bring you here is more surprising: from renting a dog to a friend! Do not miss the 5 rarest things that you can rent on a trip:

4Rent a wingman

A wingman sacrificing for a brother

One thing any friend would never do is to be a wingman, a common English term to refer to the mate who helps you flirt with someone else. That is what proposes the Professional Wingman site, with a professional approach, following several techniques to improve the social skills of the client, besides the friend for a while to help you achieve your target. They are in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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