When we travel we may need to rent something, like a bike, some skies, a boat to get to an island, a quad to run through the dunes, a private car to go somewhere where public transport does not reach… nothing to write home about. However, what we bring you here is more surprising: from renting a dog to a friend! Do not miss the 5 rarest things that you can rent on a trip:

5Rent a friend

Imagine a friendship like this

The name of the web leaves no doubt: Rentafriend. You like travelling on your own, going at your own pace on trips, without relying on anyone. Great. But if one evening you feel too lonely or if you prefer to go accompanied to some event, then you can count on this website to rent friends for hours or days. Really, it is amazing when doing a research you see available ‘friends’ in cities around the world. And the site has been running since 2009! Is not couchsurfing a much better alternative? Can you go further with this idea? Yes, hiring a foreigner in Japan like they offer in gaikokujin-rental web. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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