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Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small island in the South Pacific that offers visitors a destination that has many historical, cultural and shopping opportunities. Norfolk Island is home to around 2000 people. With many fantastic things to do in this small community, this location is a safe and fun place to visit for a wonderful holiday. Some tips on places to visit will help make your luxury holiday complete.

Visitors to Norfolk Island can find many recreational activities to enjoy. For instance, you can experience a glass bottom boat tour to view the marine life or try a game of golf. After a long day exploring, you can dine in fantastic places that offer a wide range of cuisine. During your holiday, you can take many tours that offer you a chance to see performing arts, learn about the local history and enjoy fabulous meals. For example, a popular option is a tour of Norfolk Island by night. Another choice is a tour in a Clydesdale Carriage. Riding around the Island in a carriage can be an exceptional way to see the sights. However, if you prefer to explore Norfolk Island at your own leisure, you can use a rental car. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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