Airport stopovers are a potential purgatory in your life, the kind of empty time you’ve got to fill or else remain catatonic until your next flight. But some cities are better for others when it comes to hanging around for a day or so.  And our favourite is London, the glistening cosmopolitan capital that’s teeming with more things to do than the imagination can fathom. After you’ve left your car with Gatwick meet and greet and hopped on a short train ride to Central London, it’s time to enjoy a 24-hour whistle-stop tour of a few of the capital’s finest locations. Here are some of our choice suggestions.

3Learn to make gin

Sipsmith tours

Opinions on gin usually fall into two camps. You either think it’s a spirit distilled from the gods themselves, or that it’s designed for lonely cat ladies with mascara running down their cheeks. Either way, learning how gin is made is fascinating. That’s why Sipsmith tours are a great way to find out about the distillation of this major British export. Taking place on weekdays, the Sipsmith tour is a comprehensive, entertaining and interesting experience that’ll tell you all you need to know about your favourite/least favourite beverage. Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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