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Discovering the Beauty of the Bermudas

The Bermuda Islands are a group of more than 2000 islands that make up an interesting archipelago, a destination for cruises and luxury vacations.

Mystery and vertigo in Škocjan caves | Slovenia

Today we'll talk about the caves of Škocjan, a place where to feel vertigo without being at a high altitude but the contrary, cause this area of Slovenia is underground. How's that possible? Because it's the deepest underground...

An Italian legend| Days of the blackbird to predict the weather

These last January days and the already February ones we are living are, for many, accompanied by legends and traditions that could give us a clue about when this spring will arrive to our life. Will it be soon or...

The Recipe for a Perfect Tour in Bangkok

When you want to go on holiday to Bangkok with some of your friends or family you need to make sure that the holiday is a success. This means you will need to do a spot of organisation so your holiday is one you’ll always remember. Here’s what you need to take into consideration:

Bizarre buildings | The headquarters of the National Architects Union in Bucharest

From the series, did you know that I present to you the building that houses the headquarters of the National Architects Union in Bucharest. Looking at it, the impression is that of a project...
yacht sail in sea with picturesque view

Why Is A Yacht Broker Necessary – 5 Reasons You Need to Know Now

Buying a yacht can be scary like purchasing a house. A professional broker would help achieve your yacht preferences and lessen the risks.

4 Ways to Relax When Vacationing in a Foreign Country

Taking a nice vacation out of town or out of the country is what most dream of. But traveling can become stressful for some and ignite the anxiety that limits them from enjoying a vacation.

Lake Hillier | A pink lake in Australia

Did you ever think that there are lakes that turn pink for real? One of them is Lake Hillier. Situated on Middle Island, the largest in the Australian archipelago, it is consisted of at...

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