Aerial view of London and the Tower Bridge

7 Perks of Short Stay Apartments in London

Short stay apartments refer to lodgings you can book for just a few days and up to several months. These are often sought after by business travellers and students who will be in London...

Tips on Choosing the Best Hotel in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife has a tourist potential beyond any doubt and every year that passes it offers something new to see and do. This also applies to hotels in Tenerife but not only...
Paradis Hotel

5 Things to Look for in a Good Hotel

It doesn’t matter what destination you’re heading to, the accommodations you choose can make or break your trip.

Top 4 Al Madina Hotels to Spend Your Holiday In

We are all looking for a great hotel that will give us the best value of our money and still keep us comfortable especially in a holiday season.
New York City Skyline at Night

Stay Options if You Are Traveling to the Big Apple

The “Big Apple” is a nickname for New York City.  New York is one of the world’s leading metropolises for food, fashion, theatre, and art. This is a city that every traveler should visit...
Tips for Booking a Hotel Room

Top 10 Money Saving Tips When Booking a Hotel

If you’ve traveled before, odds are you’re no stranger to the hotel nightmare: things are broken in the room, the hotel bills wrong or adds on sneaky hidden fees, the pool water looks dirty...

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